Which Park Best On Saturday/sunday?


Hello!! I hope someone can help me out on this. We will be there over the first weekend in May (6-7) and I’m trying to plan where we will go on those two days. I don’t want to waste any of my passes…sooooo…just in case WDW is too busy to consider…what would be my other option???

I have Seaworld and Universal passes…but, planned on going to Seaworld on Tuesday, the 2nd and my 2nd day will have expired by Saturday.

Any help???

Thanks in advance!!


Epcot has plenty of room no matter what day of the week. Soarin’, Mission Space, and Test Track would be the only bottle necks in that park, and they all have FP.

I’d skip MK on a weekend, if possible. (Though I did go on a Sunday one time and found morning crowds to be light.)

AK on a Saturday isn’t too bad.

I’ve not been to MGM on a weekend.

SeaWorld is definately NOT a two-day park. I think the offer of a free second day is more of a psychological appeal. On our day there, we left by 2:00 because we had done everything–some things two or three times. Of course, it was early December and the park was empty.


I would go to sea world over the weekend and save your tuesday for WDW. The weekends tend to be busier at the MK due to local people visiting the mouse, so if you insist on going to one of the WDW parks that day, I would stick to Epcot. The foot traffic always seems not as congested due to the sheer size of the place.


Are your passes Park Hoppers? If they are you can always start out in one park and hop to another if you feels the crowds are too much. We always have to go in the summer and I honestly don’t see a big difference in crowd levels, every day is crowded.


Hey! I’ll be there the same weekend.

Anyways, yes I would try and avoid the MK on the weekend, but, they do have the evening extra magic hours on that Sunday, with the spectro parade at 9pm and wishes at 10pm, so you may want to be there for that.


Yes…they are hoppers…and, I had thought about going from one park to the other…but, I am a control freak and the idea of “not knowing” stresses me out! I am doing my best to lighten up…! LOL :happy:

If I had to do Seaworld on the weekend…which would be the best –

Saturday or Sunday???


Seaworld… I don’t think it matters all that much, just go on the day when it is cooler out, because around 3:00pm it starts to smell like fish.


Not only that, but I think Seaworld is one of the hottest places on the planet. Those blacktop sidewalks are brutal on a hot, humid day.