Which Park for Adults Only?


My husband and I are returning to Disney for our 15th wedding anniversary without the kids. . . well, actually heading to Orlando but not sure if we will visit any of the parks, but maybe DTD. We were engaged at Pleasure Island. We have taken the kids several times, but this is an US vacation. Anyway, thinking that EPCOT would be a great park to visit without kids, all of the worlds, etc. If you were going what park would you visit and why? :confused:


I’ve only went to one park without my kids and it was MK. If I were to do it again I would do HS because I wouldn’t have to hear them boohoo when I want to go on the coasters and stop and see shows.


I would say Epcot. The countries would be so romantic at night.


We spend a lot of time in Epcot! In fact we usually spend about 40% of our trip there. We love to eat and drink around the world, shop and watch all the movies. If you are only going to do one do Epcot.


We like Epcot for adult time. Like Bella, we like to eat and drink our way around the world.


I would say Epcot. I love the countries but it definitely doesn’t appeal much to ds, nor does the lack of rides. Plus you can enjoy a few adult beverages.


Another vote for Epcot!! So much exploring that you can do that the kids might not enjoy as much as an adult.


Any park is great, but Epcot is probably best…HS and MK are not far behind though! Epcot just has so much interesting stuff to go through/look at like displays & movies that we tend to skip when our kiddos are like “come on dad, I wanna do Test Track again”.


The only advantage Epcot offers over the other parks is the opportunity to drink and snack your way around the world.
I could care less about the perception that a certain park is better for kids or better for adults. It’s about how I feel at that time and what I feel like riding, and again, we don’t lock into any one park for any given day. We will almost always hop to two or three parks on any given day.


I would have to say EPCOT also, but I could not imagine going to Disney and not standing on Main St. looking at the Castle. Changed my mind I would be at MK and plan on eating at DTD


Okay, I’ll go out on a limb and say AK. We generally rush around this park, but I would be happy to take it slower, enjoy the safari and the walking trails and ride EE and Dinosaur over and over! Yak and Yeti is a nice place to eat…and I never have had the chance to explore the Tree of Life fully enough.

Overall, I couldnt do just one day without doing MK, though. Just me.


I go all the time without the kids…any park is great. Doing the parks without kids is a very different experience. I would suggest to pick your favorite park and give it a try.


Have to side with what Soundgod and Tigger said. All of the parks are great to do with just adults. Pick your favorite park and go there. They all have things that are special about them. Which one is special to you.


man…I agreed with Soundgod…how depressing. I feel like eeyore now.


We tend to think of Epcot as a Frosty Beverage Park!!!


As others have said, pick the park you want to enjoy most without the kids. You can take your time and browse through the stores without being tugged and pulled all over the place.


I would vote for Epcot too - dining, alcohol, and romantic sites.