Which park on Thanksgiving day?


which park would you go to on Thanksgiving Day?

without thinking about adr’s…which park would you choose to visit on Thanksgiving Day?

please also explain why.



We usually do not go the parks on Turkey Day. We go to DTD and Christmas shop!! And of course pig out at one of the restaurants there.
But if I had to do a park I would do Epcot.


I chose Animal Kingdon b/c it will be lightest crowd-wise probably, if that’s what your concern is. We’ll be there Thanksgiving Day but don’t have any definate plans for what we’ll be doing all day. We have a 12noon ADR at Liberty Tree but I am expecting the MK to be mobbed so we’ll probably just hang out with no high expectations. We also have an 8pm ADR for the holiday buffet at Park Fare, so it looks like we’ll be with the flock around MK. :laugh:


I would have to say MK. It would be close to were we would have holiday dinner.

Christmas eve EPCOT candle light proc.
Christmas day MK without a doubt


My thoughts too. (But then, maybe I got the idea from your posts over the years! :laugh: )

This trip, we’re doing SeaWorld on T Day. Our other trip we went to Epcot (manageable), after 1/2 a day at MGM (crowded, but not insane). The following day we spent 2 hours in AK on emh morning (INSANE!), before hopping to Epcot (manageable again, but busier than Thursday). So Epcot gets my vote.

Word to the wise… Not only is MK a bad idea for large crowd days in general, these last 2 years have both been EMH mornings! Expect INSANE x 2! It’s scheduled to open at 8:00, which means 7 a.m. EMH. If you go, go early and hop.


I would have to say MK, just because it is our favorite. Of course, I am sure it is alot of other peoples favorite as well… so it is surely to be packed!


Epcot for sure. It handles crowds the best and Thankgiving is going to be crowded.


i know the crowds get thicker the closer to thurs. you get.

we are planning on doing:
MK: sat., sun., & mon.
Epcot: wed., & thurs. ~ hoping to get an adr for an early diner at Story Book Princess Diner in Norway. they are supposed to have a buffet.

does it sound like i have a good rough start to a game plan??


We have and ADR for Thanksgiving dinner at Mickey’s BBQ. Not sure what park we might hit on that day. It might be good day to get up late and enjoy a quiet morning at the pool. As we are in the BCV, perhaps a quick visit to Epcot. :pirate:


I would say EPCOT because if the lines are to long to wait in you can walk around the WS


I think I would go to the Animal Kingdom in hopes of smaller crowds, but is there such a thing on Thanksgiving at WDW? :wink:


As much as I would like to visit MK I think I would have to go with Epcot. It just seems to be able to handle large crowds better. I also really like the idea of going to DTD and Christmas shopping!!


I voted MK only because its my favorite :wub: