Which Passes?


Here is the issue:

We are making our second trip to the world. Me, DW, DD(8), DD(5) in August.
Eight days at WL on DDP. We went last year in June for seven days at CBR on the DDP. Totally happy with ADR’s this year, had ok ADR’s last year. BTW, we are doing this on the buy 4 get 3 free deal, so staying at WL is going to be 500.00 more than CBR. Here is the question, finally:

Do we get water parks and more along with our park hoppers this year? We had it last year and DD(8) and I made it once each to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Had a blast, but… DD(5) is still a bit young and DW couldn’t care less. Plus we are at WL and the pool there is pretty cool (although I really was looking forward to seeing the finished pool at CBR). Last year I had the delusion that I would go to Disney quest by myself one evening, but I found I was wiped out every night and really wanted to sleep…

What do you other bzzers think?


Do you all have to get the same passes? If so, I would not get them, I would buy day passes for you and DD if and when you decided to go. Day passes are $45 for adults, less for kids, and you will save a little dough even if you and DD go twice. I think to add the Water Park and More is $50 per ticket.


This is good to know. We were actually debating tonight on whether or not we should add water parks and more to our tickets but couldn’t remember what the cost was. Thanks!


Last year, we took advantage of the discounted room and free premium ticket offer while staying in POP. We didn’t see a water park or any other fun outside of the main four parks. :blush: My DH just knew he was going to a water park. I had even scheduled it on my handy dandy spreadsheet. He was so tired and we were so close to the pool that we never made it. Needless to say, we won’t be paying out of pocket for the “option” anytime soon.


OK, so I think based on your feedback we will skip the WPM option. If we go for a day, we will pay out of pocket