Which place for dessert?


We will be arriving on April 27th. We plan to eat dinner in our room and maybe go to BW or somewhere for a nice dessert. We will not be in a theme park that day so somewhere maybe in a resort. I was thinking of The kitchen sink at the BC but I would like some other ideas first. Thanks!


I would say Beach and Cream for sure! I couldn’t do the Kitchen Sink :blow: but I’ve heard they have lots of other yummy desserts just in case you chicken out once you get there!


I hear that the BC has a great place for dessert that I am dying to try. It’s Beaches and Cream.
Here’s the web page:
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or try it out here:
Restaurants at a Glance – Disney’s BoardWalk and the Epcot Resort Area
I hope this helps!


Beaches and Cream at Y&B is very good for desert. The other one that is a must for us is Ghiradellies at DtD.


Take a look at the menus at All Ears and pay attention to dessert selections.
Flying Fish has some good stuff. Narcoossee’s has key lime creme brulee. I think Todd English’s bluezoo had some interesting stuff. It’s a shame you aren’t going into parks because the desserts at Tutto Italia look really good. Fulton’s also has good desserts, including milk chocolate creme brulee. I’m going off the top of my head and I’m also bucking the crowd and not getting on the Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink bandwagon.

Beaches and Cream Menu - Beach Club

Todd English’s bluezoo – WDW Dolphin – Dinner Menu

Flying Fish Cafe Menu - Boardwalk

Narcoossee’s - Grand Floridian - Dinner Menu

Wolfgang Puck Cafe Menu - Downtown Disney

Spoodles Dinner Menu – Boardwalk


Try the Beach Club Marketplace for gelato. The flavors do vary, but all are very good. Plus they will let you sample before you buy. :laugh:


I’d choose the gelato over standard ice cream given the choice!


If you want a cake/pie type dessert, try the Boardwalk Bakery. That place makes some great pastries and it always smells so good.


I did look at beaches dessert menu and it sounds really good. There will be 8 of us so the kitchen sink sounds great. I would love a really good cheesecake but I don’t know if there are any places that I could get one. My mom was asking about The cheesecake Factory but I told her that was in DTD. I am guessing you have to have admission into Disney Quest and not just go in and get one,right?