Which place?!?


Ok, still trying to decide on anniv. dinner for me and food-fussy DH… narrowed it to a few places. Opinions welcomed!


I voted Narcoosee’s, but if spouse is that food fussy, it’s Yachtsman’s. You could also consider California Grill, just make very sure they know it’s your anniversary. Check out all the menus at:


We’ve never been to any of those places, but I did vote Narcrosses, since I have been wanting to try it.


I know it’s not on your list but Flying Fish at BW is an excellent restaurant.


I voted other only because I wasn’t sure if you knew that Disney has “in-room babysitting.” This may open up a whole new window of possibilities for you since it may give you more time and allow you freedom to not return to any particular resort to pick them up at the “club houses.”

As far as the restaurant goes, my DH is a FUSSY eater too; I would vote California Grill, Yahtsman Steakhouse, or Artist Point. I also vote that you should take in Cirque’s “La Nouba” after dinner :smile: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!


I know they are not on your list but I’d pick Le Cellier, Coral Reef or Ohana’s. They are my favorites!


I would pick other too, and go for Le Cellier, particularly for a food fussy DH.


Artist Point is one of the best WDW restaurants for a special meal!!


First of all - thanks for the responses!

I agree that Le Cellier is a great choice… which is why it’s “on the menu” for the next night for the whole family! :wink: We won’t be heading into the parks this day, so that’s why there are no “park places” in my list.

I realllllly wish I could feel more positive about Artist POint… we both love the lodge. But so much of the food just does not sound like it would strike a good note with my DH. Can’t see him eating buffalo or salmon. And celery done 3 ways - no, not even one way works for him, LOL. About the one dish I thought would appeal to him was the pork chop with macaroni and cheese. He’s not a fruity dessert person, either, so much of that is out. (Sometimes I wonder how we ever got together! :huh: )

We are staying at OKW, so I didn’t feel so sure about bringing in a Kid’s night out sitter - they would be stuck in the room or perhaps the pool (not keen on them gadding about WDW without me - that trio is tough to keep up with!) But that is a definite thought for sure next time we stay at, say, BWV or BCV. I could see that working really well there.

Well folks, keep 'em coming! Say, here’s a ??? - how is Kona? We have Ohana already scheduled later in week. Curious…


I’ve only been to California Grill - but I wouldn’t recommend it - it’s incredibly noisy. And they take the word “fusion” a little too seriously for a picky eater. (Don’t think I’ll ever get over the beet cavier). If you REALLY want to splurge there’s Victoria & Albert’s. For romance, you can’t beat San Angel Inn in Mexico Pavillion or Bistro de France (the upstairs restaurant) in France. (BTW - if you’re staying at OKW you should try dinner at Olivia’s - it’s the “sleeper” restaurant of WDW - pure comfort food and delicious). So - maybe I would change the LeCellier night to Olivia’s and spend your anniversary at LeCellier.


Narcoosees is very nice and you can time it to see Wishes. How fussy is DH? If he doesn’t like seafood theres a filet on the menu. Their almond crusted cheesecake with cherry sauce was to die for!


I’m a very picky eater, too (I don’t like most meat, and no tomato based sauces, etc…my list goes on)

Anyway, I think Palio looks really good, and has a well-rounded menu!


How are you getting the free 2 hour kids care at the Dolphin?


There’s a nicely kept little “secret” there…(not really a secret, but not many know about it either - not very advertised). If you dine at either Blue Zoo or SHula’s you may take advantage of up to 2 hrs of complimentary childcare at Camp Dolphin. We did this last time - very good deal. Took kids in before 6, they gave us a beeper (and some suggestions for our meal!) Kids did a craft, went to TUbbi’s for dinner (also complimentary!), played some games. They were bummed to be leaving at movie time! Additional time can be purchased (for usual 10 per hr per head fee). So if you wanted, say, 4 hrs to do dinner and maybe go to Jellyrolls, normallywith 3 kids you would have to pay $120! With this arrangement, you would pay $30. We only used the service for the 2 hr span, but we felt so guilty, we gave the workers there a sizeable tip! :wink:

I need to do some calling around - at one point (perhaps prior to Blue Zoo?) Palio was part of this Camp Dolphin deal. It may not be now. If it were - well, that would be the deal clincher right there! We can get 20% off there, too, with our DVC discount… and DH does actually love italian food.

So many decisions for one little night! Honestly, I told DH it really didn’t matter to me WHERE we dine… it’s the conversation and together-time that I look forward to! But I do want to be sure the kids are having a good time - it’s their vacation too. So I’m constantly mitigating dining choices against what the kids will do while we’re at this place or that…

Thanks everyone for your input thus far!


OK, well that is a secret that I needed to know. The reason I love DC. I’ve been here for years, and I’ve NEVER heard that before. That ROCKS.

Thank you for the tip - I will be USING IT!


I voted for the Yachtsman Steat House. It is also the only one we have ate at. But we were there for Valentines Day and it very nice and the food was great! :mickey:


Just one detail I should mention - you need to get a ressie for Camp Dolphin (just like anything else at WDW, LOL!) When you call to make your restauraunt ressies, ask to be transferred (or get #) for Camp DOlphin (sorry, don’t have my Disney info on hand, or I’d give you the dial-direct #!) CI remember I had to leave a message on the machine, but they called me right back - no problem. You will want to check on when they serve dinner, etc to make sure your kids get in on that, if you want them to. ENJOY!


Palio’s was a highlight of our trip last December. My Dh is also a picky eater, but there’s plenty of recognizable Italian dishes to suit him just fine, while still letting me find something a little more adventurous.


I picked Yachtsman, mainly because it was the only one on your list where I had eaten.

I had a really great steak there, but the server was a bit snooty. I found the servers at other nice restaurants like California Grill to be much more friendly and helpful. Of course, I may have just hit it on a bad night.

I am sure you will have a delicious dinner whatever you decide!