WHich Resort at Christmas Time


If you could stay anywhere on Disney Property during Christmas time, where would you stay?


Grand Floridian for the lobby decorations would be my first choice. Wilderness Lodge would be second. Both represent the cliche’d Christmas image. Plus GF is a short monorail ride to the MK which has cool Christmas decorations.


:wub:Wilderness Lodge…:wub:


Either Wilderness Lodge or Grand Floridian, both are beautiful at holiday time.


If I could afford it…Grand Floridian without a doubt. They have all the gingerbread houses there. The food network does a yearly show there at xmas time because of the gingerbread houses/contest and the beauty of the hotel.


All of the resorts are pretty, but by far the best would be either WL or the GF. They are absolutely beautiful. The huge tree in the lobby at WL is just something to see, while the full sized ginger bread house at the GF is also something to see.


I think I would have to pick either Fort Wilderness or Wilderness Lodge. The Grand Floridian is beautiful at Christmas, but it is so packed with people sight seeing there that it is not a relaxed atmosphere. FW is great because most everybody decorates their campsites and it is really festive. WL is great because of the decorations and peacefulness!


I like all the deluxe resorts during Christmas - but the WL tree is amazing!


We always avoid WL since the theming is so close to our region, but I’d choose it for a Christmas trip. I’ve been to GF at Christmas (visited, not stayed), BWV, BCV, CBR, Poly, and POP. Although there is some Christmas stuff in the lobby, it just doesn’t have the right effect.:closedeye


Wilderness Lodge. It costs much less than the GF, is all under one roof, and decorated just as nicely, except for the gingerbread house.


My favorite Resort is Wildreness Lodge but to be completely honest with you that isn’t where I would choose to stay for Christmas.
If I could go anywhere and money wasn’t an issue, it would be Grand Floridian. I would totally be on the concierge level to top it off. If you have no kids to wory about for the trip, I suggest the honeymoon wing!
But of course this wouldn’t stop me from visiting the other resorts!


Wilderness Lodge for sure. It is decorated so beautifully. It will really get you in the mood for Christmas!


I would say any of the Deluxe Resorts but of those I think GF or WL. My favorite is the Poly but not for Christmas decorations


GF for sure.


Grand Floridian :wink:

Smelling that gingerbread all day and night, yummm…I would sneak down in the middle of the night and nibble on a corner of that tasty house :ph34r:


I never thought of GF being packed but I don’t think it would stop me. I also didn’t know that FW decorated…I guess I never thought of it. Maybe we’ll have to take a stroll in there and check it out!


Fort Wilderness for this Happy Camper…
I love wandering through the grounds and checking out my neighbors’ decorations. Very festive.

(I will have to visit the GF next time, though, I haven’t made it there.)


GF has the nicest smelling decorations in the lobby to be sure but stay anywhere and visit them all.


The GF because of the gingerbread house. When we lived in Florida, our parents used to take us to see the Christmas decorations at the GF every year.


We split our Christmas Trip last year Wilderness Lodge and then the Contemporary. If I had it to do over again we would have stayed at the WL the entire time. It just felt more like Christmas.