Which Resort Coronado or Port Orleans Riverside?


Ok, I am trying to book for May and the only resorts left are Coronado Springs or Port Orleans Riverside. Which one and why? We just stayed at the Dolphin and I really enjoyed it.


I really liked Riverside, especially the mansion side. But keep in mind it is very big. Also, there are 4 bus stops, which may or may not affect your decision. We only stayed at Coronado Springs for one night, so I don’t really feel like I can comment on it.


I much prefer POR. I don’t really have specific reasons-- I just think its better. Coronado is the conference center and there are often large groups there to contend with.


CSR . . . awesome pool! Great food court! QUEEN PILLOW TOP beds!! :wub:


I don’t have input on either seeing we haven’t stayed there, but I’m curious as to why there would only be availability at two resorts in May. I thought that was a more quiet time. Is Disneys discounts working that well?


I vote for POR. Our family loves it. I always ask to stay in Aligator bayou because it’s a little closer to the main building. Bob the Piano guy is a must see there! Great food court, lots of selections. Good luck with your decision.


I went with CSR. I love the atmosphere of the resort. The rooms are nice, the main pool area is lovely, and the food court is great.


as anyone knows …I prefer POR …food court ,atmosphere and many pools ,boat to downtown,etc etc…despite being big…it has many advantages if you download a map …many buildings close to food court and one of four bus stops…but with all the hustle bustle …it is a quiet interlude any part of the day


Are you going Mother’s Day Weekend? Dolphin/Swan are running a special for a 3 night stay . . . FYI! Check out the website


We really enjoy POR! It is so beautiful there!


Our kids (and DH) always loved Riverside - we weren’t as keen on CSR - but that was a long time ago. I understand that CSR has undergone some improvements recently. I do like the pool area there.


We have always loved POR very much, and we haven’t been very enthusiastic about CSR.


We stayed at POFQ and it was WONDERFUL! It was so beautiful and whimsical and romantic. You really feel like you are in a vintage FQ street setting. One thing I really wanted to do but didn’t get a chance was the carriage rides along the streetlight lit streets. It looked so beautiful! Also, the pool is GREAT!


Glad to hear this. We will be staying there for the first time this August. I requested a mansion side. How far is the walk to nearest bus stop?


There are POR bus stops all over the place, so you are never very far from one. However, we liked to use the one at the main building so we could grab coffees for the road… LOL!


As many times as we have stayed there we always walked to the bus stop outside of the main lobby. I love the resort but I heard many complants about the other bus stops in the resort. They were complaining that the buses didn’t always go by the other stops and some waited a half hour to an hour for a bus.


CSR is my family favorite! I don’t know if it will work for you but pick which resort theme you like best and which resort amenities meet your family’s needs. Also, check out my CSR website below for updated info and pics.

Here is just some quick info on CSR.

CSR has newly renovated rooms (about half done as of 3/2009) and queen beds (only mod to offer them).

A terrific main pool area that includes a 123 ft slide (2nd largest at WDW), kiddie pool, arcade, playground, sand volleyball court, hot tub (largest on WDW property), a bar, and snack bar (very good food for CS).

Reliable transportation that is not shared with other resorts, 4 resort stops and quick rides to all the parks. CSR has the closest bus stops to the park entrances too (first stop at DHS and MK)!

Other amenities you may be looking for in a resort.

Only moderate to offer suites.

A spa, salon, tanning beds, a lap pool and fitness center (free to its guests).

Full menu room service, expensive though.

Central air, flat panel TV’s and WiFi available.

Rix Lounge – a dance club voted most trendy bar in Orlando.

A business center with computer access.


We always walked to the main bus stop, I don’t think it was more than a 5 minute walk. We stayed in Oak Manor, and just scooted over the bridge to the main stop. I always worried about waiting at the other stops, always seemed like the bus was packed before you got to the third stop.


We are very partial to Port Orleans Riverside. We stay there a lot! We stayed at Coronado Springs once and the place is very nice. The trouble was we wound up there during a convention. We went to the pool area and there were guys there smoking and dropping ashes into the spa. We got out and didn’t go back. We also mentioned it at the desk. Don’t know if it did any good, but ruined the pool for us. POR is always nice, entertainment is fun, good food court, nice restaurant, boats to DTD, etc. Busses almost everywhere else. We have reservations and will be staying there again in Sept this year. No matter where you stay, it’s still Disney!


The food court is great however it is the most expensive food court I have ever seen for a moderate priced resort. If you don’t have the dining plan you will be in for sticker shock. Plus what’s the 10% they add because they bring your drinks to the table…Again the food was good but we paid $75 dollars for a 2 Chicken Sandwich, a spicy beef dish one coffee and one soda.
My husband decided against the egg roll because it was 8 bucks.