Which resort for Dec 1-12, 2005



My wife and I are planning a nice long trip to WDW for Dec 1-12, 2005. Obviously we are going to see the decorations, the lights and MVMCP as well as the normal WDW stuff.

We are really new to this and would really like your opionion on which of the deluxe resorts we should stay at. My wife really wants to stay at one of these four using our 15% off AAA discount:

Contemporary, Grand Floridian, Polynesian, or Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It’s just my wife and myself and any information about your experiences with these resorts would be wonderful.



Welcome to DC!!!

Well, I immediatley thought Wilderness Lodge…then I noticed you didn’t list it in your post. I guess my second choice would be Grand Floridian. For that long of stay, you may want to check in to getting at least one Annual pass. You may save more than 15%


WOW, you chose some of the best resorts Disney has to offer. Here is my opinion: Out of those 4 I would go with AKL v. The Poly. AKL offers georgous views of the Savanah at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is a wonderful resort, but unfortunatly the only method of transportation to and from the parks from AKL is busses. Busses are wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I love the Monorail. The Poly also is a wonderful resort, and is home to one of DC’s favorite resturaunts, Ohanas. From The Poly you also have a great view of Cinderella’s Castle over the Lake, and you also have quick service to MK and Epcot via the monorail. Personally, you cannot go wrong with any of them, they are all great resorts; I just prefersomething with a little more theming tha Contemp or GF.


I have only stayed at the AKL, but am trying the Polynesian out in January. I loved the AKL. The theme is awesome and is carried out nicely throughout the resort. The savannah rooms are awesome and waking up to the animals outside your balcony everyday is a huge plus if you like animals like me and my daughter do. It is a bit distant from the hub of things, but the transportation was excellent and you don’t share resort buses with any other resort so that’s another plus. The atsmopshere is very romantic, so there is yet another plus for you and your wife. Now, for areguments sake, the Polynesian would be another great pick. It has everything special that the AKL does as in romance and theme, but is on the monorail line and next to the transportation and ticket center making everything travel wise convienant. You have a few more options with dining there too and you can see the MK fireworks from the beach…very romantic with a nice glass of your favorite beverage swinging on a hammock. I know the GF is the best of WDW, but I think you will be better with the Polly or AKL. They are both deluxes and beautiful, but not nearly as expensive. The Contemporary doesn’t even appeal to me, but I know it is a favorite amoung a few of our DC memebers. Have you considered the Wilderness Lodge? It is in the same price range as the AKL, and simply gorgeous. I love that resort too. It’s a short boat ride away from MK and you take busses to the other parks. Their trasportaion wasn’t as good as the AKL’s , but it’s free…no biggie to me. Hope some of this helps. Welcome to DC!

Definately get a Annual Pass. Bdavis is right. You cna save up to 45% on rooms. Have you booked atravel agent or are you doing it yourself? If you haven’t decided, contact Mouseketrips. Their link is on the home page here. They are a Disneyon only travel agency and they will show you how to get the best possible deal. I am using them and they have been nothing but excellent.


I knew I left something out sorry about that.

We are going to get AP’s sometime before the end of the year, because it would actually cost us $33 per person more to get 10 day UHP than AP’s.

Since this is going to be our only traveling type vacation of 2005, we have 15 months to save for it and should have a nice chunk of changed saved up when it is all said and done. Normally we wouldn’t dare think about spending that kind of money Disney is asking for a Deluxe resort, but she has never been, so I figure she would enjoy staying at someplace nice.



Actually we are going to use an agency that is very similar to Mouseketrips. We are hoping to put a deposit down on Tuesday, if we can figure out where we are going to stay. I know that there is no hurry since it is 15 months away, but we would like to take care of of a little bit of the trip here and there as time goes on.


:wub: :wub: 2 words…WILDERNESS LODGE :wub: :wub: :heart:
(found this great shot on Deb’s website at www.allearsnet.com)


Check out these photos of the lodge (especially the christmas ones)




Wilderness Lodge you say.

Is it individual cabins or large buildings or what. What does it have that the others don’t. Also would you stay concierge here or not. I have never stayed onsite before only offsite and this is here first time so this is all new to us.


Did you pick up on my subtle hint!?!?

There is a resort at WDW called Wilderness Lodge and then a separate area of WDW call Fort Wilderness. They are about a mile away from one another.

The lodge is breathless!!! Very romantic and very relaxing (yes, even at WDW!!) Check out the photos in the link above…

They also have “villas” (which are awesome!). A studio has a kitchenette and the one and 2 bedroom villas have full kitchens (if you want to cook)



Nice subtle hint.

Thanks for the photos and and info on Wilderness Lodge, but when I asked her to come over and take a look at the photo’s, I got the distinct impression that she isn’t to wild about that idea.

So what else is nice. You mentioned Grand Floridian. How nice is that.


I guess my convicing didn’t work, huh?? :noo: Can’t say I didn’t try!!!

I’ve never stayed at the Grand Floridian, but as far as traditional Christmas decorations, my next choice would just be GF. I don’t really associate Animal Kingdom Lodge (very African themed) or the Polynesian (Hawaiian themed) with the holidays. The Contemporary doesn’t appeal to me at all. As far as Deluxe resorts, have you considered the Boardwalk Resort or the Yacht or Beach Club resorts? They are all within walking distance to EPCOT.


Personally, if you have that much time to save up, then you should do the GF. It has the monorail going right through it so that makes it extra convenient for getting to MK and EPCOT, not to mention the California Grille at the Contemporary. The AP Discounts for GF are tremendous, often 45%.

Now, I must say that I’ve never stayed at any of the deluxes, I’ve only been through some of them. But based on what I’ve seen, I’d be willing to bet that you’d prefer the GF.



You convinced me, but she doesn’t seem to thrilled with the idea. I loved the pictures and the fact the a concierge room there was much cheaper than any place else I believe.

She has hinted around about possible staying at the Polynesian because would could watch the fireworks from the beach at night and it is on the monorail. I wonder if she knows the that cheapest concierge room is $388.58 with 15% AAA discount and tax :pinch: :eek: :pinch:

Thanks again,


Good Luck with your decision and let us know what you end up going with!!

Be sure to check out the photos of the different resorts at http://www.allearsnet.com/acc/faq_hot.htm (follow the links to the resort photos on the left side of the page) and on http://www.suitedisney.com/id101.htm.

These sites will give you a great idea of what your room and resort will look like!

ps…the Wilderness Lodge is just a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom!! (okay, I’ll stop!)


Hey, one more idea, since you will be going for so long, why don’t you split the trip in to 2 different resorts! That way you have “2 vacations in one!” And you don’t have to worry about moving your bags to the new resort, disney takes care of that for free! (for a tip, anyway!)



Thanks for the information.

A friend of ours stayed at GF and said it was outstanding.

Actually we were suppose to go last new years to WDW, but I talked her into going to Hawaii instead and promissed that the next trip we took would be a nice long vacation to WDW staying in a very nice resort of her choice. Maybe I should have looked at the rates :eek: before I opened my big mouth. I mean $400 a night for a room :pinch: :pinch: :pinch: .


The GF is outstanding. When DH and I stayed there for our honeymoon we had a room with a view of the castle, on the consierge level. It was beautiful. If your wife likes victorian theming than this is where she may prefer to stay. I would try to stay in the main building where access to the monorail is convenient. The rooms are pricey, but if you are getting the AP you should get a discount.


Actually,it is the Contemporary that the monorail goes right through,not the GF. If I remember right,you will be going in value season. You should invest in AP’s to get the AP rates when they come out. If you are making the deposit soon,all you have to do is make one night’s deposit,and when the AP rates come out,you can cancel and immediately re-book at the new rate.


The monorail doesn’t go through the GF but it does have it’s own stop upstairs off the lobby of the main building. What I meant that was that if you stayed in the main building you would not have to walk far to get to the monorail, it is very convenient.