Which resort has the most comfortable beds


Do any of the resorts have the Heavenly Beds like the Swan and Dolphin have? :sleeping:
I looked at the rooms at the GF and was surprised that such a high end place has such ugly decorating! What were they thinking? :blink:


The beds at the Polynesian were heavenly…oh my so comfortable. I also found the ones at POFQ very comfortable. I didn’t think the ones at the AKL were comfy at all and the WL, and AS were horrible. That’s just my opinion of course.


Now, I thought that the beds at the Contemporary Tower and WL Villas were terrific. I also liked the beds at POR and POFQ, but that may have just been because I was so tired every night.


That’s funny, I was going to say the AKL!!! Apparantly Dana and I have different sleeping experiences there. hehe. Of all the resorts I’ve stayed at the most comfortable for me was the AKL! For some reason the mattresses there seemed more “body forming” like I like and just a perfect mix between soft to semi-firm. I love it there!

Oh, and the worse bed I’ve slept on was at the AS Music (Calypso building). I thought they were terrible.

Of course, so long as the bed has that soft velux blanket on it, like all Disney resorts do, I couldn’t care less. hehe.


I always sleep well at WDW - Poly, WL, and POR were all comfortable to me.
Hey, as long as I don’t have to make it in the morning, it’s that much more comfy!


I have always found the beds to be OK at all Disney resorts, though it does seem the more money you pay, the nicer bed you get. None of them compare to the “Heavenly Bed” though.

The rooms at the GF are actually very nice, the photos I have seen just do not do them justice. My DW loves the rooms there by the way.


I am so tired at the end of my days at WDW that I could probably sleep on the floor and be okay. I think that the best beds have been at WL, these were so comfortable that I actually remember them!


I wonder if any resort has Waterbeds. Maybe in the Presidential Suite of GF or Polynesian


I was thinking maybe the 80’s area at Pop Century.


:laugh: My parents bought a waterbed in the 80’s and still sleep on it. I think that would drive me crazy because I would probably wake up sea-sick. :pinch:

I have only stayed at the Coronado Springs and the Swan and Dolphin. Nothing has compared to those heavenly beds. CSR, I remember, just being decent–nothing too special.


CBR has the most comfortable beds !!!


Not when I was there last April :excl: :tongue:


Only ever actually stayed at Disney Inn (Shades of Green) and Poly onsite and had no compalints either place.

Of course, frankly, after a day in the park it could be a bed of nails and I wouldn’t notice.


We slept on one for years, I remember the leaks in the middle of the night!
I am thankful for the regular bed we have now!!! :angel:


I think beds are such a personal choice, I don’t know that we will all every agree on on bed that is the best(okay, maybe the Heavenly bed…). I like a bed that is firm but has a softness to it. I liked the beds at WL and slept very well on it. We also found the beds at BCV to be very nice and comfortable.

I am more worried about the size of the bed. My DH and I just don’t sleep well together on a double/full size bed so as long as it’s a queen I’m pretty happy.


hey this is a good thread! thanks! Good to know, good to know
I can’t really contribute never having been to WDW
But in the Anaheim area, I actually thought the beds at Candy Cane Inn were better than Disneyland Hotel or Paradise Pier (but I’ve never stayed at Grand Californian)
But Candy Cane Inn beds are SO heavenly, plush feather tops and duvets and huge fluffy pillows mmmmmmm I shouldn’t be thinking of this at 1am haha, making me sleeeeepy


I think the Heavenly beds spoil us for all other hotel beds. I haven’t been impressed with any others, but not terribly bothered by any other beds either. With the exception of the Pop Century beds. I didn’t sleep all night there…I was like the Princess and the Pea!


I found the beds at POFC to be awesome. I’ll let you know in January how the ones at CSR are!


we stayed at the swan during our last trip and they have the most comfortable beds i’ve slept in yet. but, this is only comparing to the beds at ASMo, ASMu, and BC.