Which resort is best?


I am looking at next year. I have always wanted to try and stay in a delux reort some day. I am now thinking ahead for 2009. I have narrowed it down to these resorts. I really need your input on which one would be best. I have selected either: WL,Poly,BWV,orBC. I will have my kids (9,7,17) ,my brothere(more than likely) and maybe my DH(that one is always iffy). I am looking at going sometime in May,August or September( i prefer the warmer months). I will be spending most of the time(I think) at the resorts. I think 4 nights is good. I need to start planning now so I can start saving my pennies to pay for this trip. I am afraid that if I try one of these that I will be completly hooked. I guess thats not too bad. I need you input on which one would suit us fine.


4 options? You will get 4 answers…

Personally, with those kids ages. I would go with Beach Club. Why?
-walking distance to Epcot and the Studios
-Huge pool complex
-Food and recreation options via the boardwalk.

Now BWV would be fine, but the pool is inferior. Poly? MK is the only connected park and is less teen focused. WL? Nothing within walkind distance. BC is much easier for a mixed group to find things to do…


I agree, BCV or BWV. And rent points for a villa…MUCH CHEAPER than paying for a regular room through Disney!


BCV or BWV… the pools, the level of activity, the spaciousness of the rooms, and the location make them perfect for your group!


In looking at the months you were deciding to go on. I’ve been there during August and September, and highly recommend September. August is packed and seemed more humid. September is still hot (which I love also) but the crowds are so much more bearable. As far as resort, can’t help you there cause my all time favorite resort is AKL, and that’s not one of your choices. Maybe try to get to Boma for dinner one night and take a stroll around the resort afterwards. You will be absolutely amazed.


I definitely agree with the others who said BC. The Poly is my favorite, but I think the BC is going to be the best option for your group. It has a lot more to offer as far as recreation if you plan on spending a lot of time at your resort.

You are probably right, you will be hooked after you stay at a Deluxe! But I’m here to tell you that if it comes right down to it, you will be able to stay at a Value or Moderate in the future…I got completely spoiled by staying at the Poly, but I’ve been back twice now at an All-Star. If it’s the only way you can go to WDW, you’ll be able to do it! :laugh:

Now start saving those pennies; you have a great trip to look forward to! :happy:


The biggest standard rooms are at the Poly and the Contemporary.
From your list, I’d narrow it to Poly or Beach. However, if you’re considering the Beach, the Yacht is really the same hotel so keep that in mind. If you’re going to walk to the parks, that’s where Boardwalk will have an edge as it’s a closer walk to the Studios and the walk to Epcot is about the same as from the Yacht.
You should also continue to consider WL because it is usually a little less expensive than the rest of your list. My own favorite seems to be the Contemporary’s tower. Plus all the high end water sports are located there.


Beach Club = Yacht Club = Stormalong Bay = :pirate:


Absolutely agree.

Although I love the Villas at WL, we once stayed in a room in WL and I found it absolutely claustrophobic - so with such a big group I would omit it.


Ok,so lets say I choose BC or BWV. How many points would I need for say, sometime in sept. I would probably go something like Thursday-Sunday. I do agree that both of them would be great. Which one of them have the bigger rooms. I am thinking a two bedroom or would it be a one bedroom? Also how soon do I need to book and how soon do I need to pay for it? I would be looking at sometime about the middle of Sept.


Here is a link to a points calculator that allows you to compare the resorts.
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I’m a Poly fan. Great resort for kids, teens and adults. Great pool, great lake with lots of boating options, plus the monorail for the added convenience. You can also easily walk over to the TTR for a ride to Epcot. The resort is beautiful and at night you can’t beat the fireworks over MK or the electric water parade.


That is our resort of choice. It truly has something for everyone. They even have movies on the beach, and you can see Illuminations from there.


I guess I’m a little confused - are you looking for a DVC property or a luxury resort room?

In September for 4 nights - Sunday to Thursday (rates go up on the weekends) you would need 120 points to stay at the BCV, (30 points a night) in a 2 bedroom suite. Points usually sell for $10.00 to $12.00There is no real difference in the size of the rooms of both the BCV and BWV. The largest suites are at OKW - where you would need 88 points for the same four days, or 22 points a night.


I guess I am looking for luxury. I would love to stay somewhere that kinda “has it all” . I want something that is completly different from home,yet very homey. I want to be somewhere that has “stuff” to do. Things for the kids and adults. BC sounds awsome,but so does the Poly. I really like what both have to offer. It kinda looks like it would be between them to. I haven’t thought about OKW. How would that one be for us? I really am looking for something mainly for the kids,because I can do anything. But, for me it is about luxury.


DVC properties are all in the “luxury” category. OKW is like a little condominium village (as is Saratoga Springs) - for kids there’s lots to do - 4 pools (main with slide), tennis, playground, bicycles, Olivia’s Restaurant - BUT it is away from the parks. It’s very quiet. Both are situated in the middle of golf courses.

BWV, BCV, WLV and AKV are all attached to the main resorts - so it’s like being at a deluxe hotel, but having a suite with (if you have a 2 bedroom) a full kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and laundry room. You also have the benefit of 3 tvs. A 2 bedroom suite sleeps 8. Size-wise, all the DVC properties are basically the same size, except for OKW, the oldest, but biggest. The suites at OKW are in a different category all together.


Wilderness Lodge


I love the wl it seems so relaxing to me after a long day at the park. However I have also stayed at the YC and love, love love the pool. If your kids are big on the pool like my son is then I would stay at one of the epcot resorts.


If you want somewhere that has it all I’d say go for the Polynesian! I really think it’s just pure luxury! Other than that I’d say Boardwalk Villas would be my next choice.


Tuff choice? I would go with Poly.