Which resort is "more Disney?" Contemp or Poly?


I already booked our trip for this coming summer, which will be at the Contemporary, MK view. I’ve never stayed at either the Poly OR Contemp. but after seeing the refurb pictures of both I am starting to question my choice. The new Contemp. rooms look AMAZING but I don’t feel like they are much different from a hotel we might stay at in NYC or any Lowe’s hotel.

So which resort feels more “Disney” as far as atmosphere goes? I am just scared that if we stay at the Contemp we won’t feel like we are in Disney or something, well, unless we keep the curtains open at all times, haha.

It’s definately not too late to switch the res. & transfer the $. So what do you think? Also, what would the equivelant be at the Poly, money wise, to the room we have booked at the Contemp? Is the MK view MORE $ at the Poly?


I have to say I love the Contemporary…I feel at home there…I like it mainly because of the location, walking to MK, and history…but its overall themeing is very “Low key” … it does have Chef Mickey’s, the California Grill, the Monorails through the building, and great room views of Mk…The Poly is on another level of themeing…It just depends on what you want in a resort. Good Luck it is a hard but fun choice to make…and I don’t think you can go wrong ether way. :mickey:

As far as MK views for the Poly …first request a room with a lagoon view and then request a room that will allow for a view of the Magic Kingdom… it is not a guaranty you will get it. I do not know but you may be able to get a suite that will guaranty you an MK view. The price is much higher that way of course.:mickey:


You’ll feel like you are in Disney the first time you see that Monorail going through your building.
We stayed there a few years back. It was awesome.


We stayed once at the Contemporary in 1990 something. We lucked out and got a really cheap AP rate on an upper floor facing the MK. It was nice but the view below is still the parking lot. We have stayed at the Poly four or five times since and we love it. The view is beautiful, looking around the lake you see the Grand Floridian, the Castle, the Contemporary, the monorail, and the boats going back and forth. The Poly is much more laid back. The grounds are beautiful to walk around, the pools are close, and the monorail is very easy to get on. We really love it there.


I am no help at all because I would love to stay at either. They are my two dream resorts. :laugh: Both seem to have their own Disney style, so I think you would be happy at either.


If I had to choose, I’d go back to the polynesian. A garden or standard room there is definately cheaper than the MK tower room at the contemporary. I think they are both going to have a disney feel…anything in Disney makes you feel like you are in disney :heart: Here’s a thought too to help you decided, the transportation at the contemporary is better than that of the polynesian. You buses, but are the first dropped off and picked up. I thought the bus transporation at the polynesian was horrible.


Thanks Dana, I never thought to ask about the transportation. That DEFINATELY effects my decision. Husband is saying DEFINATELY Contemporary but MAN, those new rooms at the Poly look beautiful. My other question… if you liked to be close to the lobby and “all the action” which area in the Poly would you stay? Are there specific areas? It would be more important for us to stay close to everything than to have a MK/lagoon view.


How about splitting your stay between the two of them? The Poly was really beautiful. But, I would love a chance to stay at one of the new rooms at the Contemporary. I am of no help!


bus transportation at the Poly was not very good ~ Dana is completely right. However, having the monorail on the ‘doorstep’ made things hugely better. I do like the Contemporary resort but as yet have only eaten there…never stayed. I have stayed at the Poly though and found it soooooo peaceful and laid back. You rally felt as though you were having a break…even though you were at Disney and were shattered! The Poly would always be my choice if money was no object.


I’m gonna vote for Contemporary. Simply, because it IS Disney!
YOu know, just a few years ago, I thought the only hotels at WDW were the Poly and the Contemporary! LOL!


My opinion would be to stay at contemp only because their new nd i would wanna stay at a new room also, BUT since you are staying @ the tower the noise will be more than the polynesian. Thats another biggie, i would say the transportation @ both are the same onyl because the monorail is there. The contemp you can walk to Mk but i wouldnt suggest that cause your an old lady, also WHO WANTS TO WALK TO MK when theres a monorail right there. i would say deff. pick contemp nd when u take me go to the polynesian cause i wanna stay there also!


:huh: :huh: :glare: :pinch: too much coffee today?


Listen Mr., with behavior like that I am not taking you anywhere! Old Lady? SHEESH!!! haha! :wink:


I am still completely undecided BTW, thank you for your help and suggestions! It might take another 100 posts from others to convince me either way. I just keep going back and forth.


I vote for the Contemporary because having the monorail going right through your hotel–what could be more Disney!? :mickey: :mickey:


We stayed at the Contempary the past two times and enjoyed it. This time we are staying at the Poly for the first time. Will let you know around the 7th of Dec which we liked better.


I think you will be happy at either place. We usually stay at either the CR or the Poly, both have their good points and bad points. The Poly really does have a laid back feel to it. You can sit on your balcolny and relax and take a nice break. We have stayed at the Poly multiple times and have always been happy with the bus service. Also you can get on the monorail in the upper lobby area, or you can walk to the ticket and transportation center and get on the monorail.
At the CR you almost feel like you are in the MK. You can look out the window and see much of the MK. Also it is just a short walk to the MK from the CR, if you feel like walking.

I think the pool at the Poly is better themed than the CR.

If you are into a tropical theme go to the Poly, if not I would stay at the CR.


If I’m not mistaken Wish, didn’t you decide to go with WL after all?


I did! My husband has always wanted to stay there and when I realized we could stay concierge there for the price I had at contemporary I knew he would be estatic! So, yup, WL it is!!!