Which resort?


Since we didn’t get to make a quick trip to WDW last weekend we are thinking about a long weekend in March. My DH is telling me to book it but I haven’t yet because it seems like such a waste of money to go all the way to Orlando for 2-3 days. IF we go we are going to stay at a deluxe resort (my DH has become a resort snob!) but it’s peak season so every resort is at it’s highest price. That brings me to my question: Would you book the cheapest deluxe resort (Wilderness Lodge) and use the extra money for food and spending money for the weekend or would you splurge and go for a higher priced resort for 2 nights–after all it’s only 2 nights?

Keep in mind we have stayed at Wilderness Lodge twice and Beach Club twice. We loved both resorts and would be happy to return to either one.


I would sooooooo def stay at the WL, it is one of the least expensive but love the fact that I can take the boat to MK… :biggrin:

Plus… how much time are you really gonna be in your room?? :blink:


You are right, during a short trip we wouldn’t be in our room much at all.


I voted for the Poly. I’ve always wanted to stay there and I think it would be easier to pay a little more for a few days then for a a week or so.

Since the trip is so short it would be easier to splurge!!!

Any would be a great choice


I picked WL, but that is because I Know how much y’all love it there…

It’s also the cheapest, and since you’re already feeling like it could be a ‘waste’ (which it isn’t - it will probably be one of the best ‘breaks’ you ever took!) - I think that it is the perfect solution!


I also think WL because it is cheaper and you really like that resort. It seems no reason to change to something else this time.


We’ve talked about that, it wouldn’t be a lot of money to go with a little more expensive resort for just 2 nights.


You know me so well, it is our favorite and it’s the cheapest–it’s a perfect match.


You are so right, we know we love it and it’s the cheapest of our choices. The money we save would buy our food for the whole weekend.


I voted WL too. Only because we usually do a couple of these little trips per year and even though were VERY leisurely people on these trips we spend VERY LITTLE time at the resort. It is a pretty significant price difference also, that money could go towards airfare, etc. Save the expensive resorts for the longer trips where there is more leisure time to enjoy the resort itself.


Since its a quick trip I voted for WL. Save some money for a longer trip and stay at a more expensive resort.


I voted for the Poly, it is a short trip and you are soo close to the MK and the
monrail resorts.
Maybe I am confused, but are you taking a longer trip in the Summer? If so you might want to look into an AP. There might be some discounts!


We are taking a longer trip (maybe 10 days) in either May or July, we haven’t decided yet (it depends on snow days). We have talked about APs, I had one last year and we were thinking that we could take a couple of trips this summer if we already had the passes.


Steph, I voted The Poly. Only because it is such a short trip and it will be easier to shell out that kind of cash per night on a shorter trip. Plus, you’ll most likely spend most of your time at MK, and being on the monorail line is AWESOME!!! And I would DEFINITELY look into APs. Especially if you will take a bunch of trips in the summer!

But you can’t go wrong with WL, though…but I say just splurge and go for the Poly since you haven’t stayed there! It’s SUCH an awesome resort!!! :wub:


I voted for the Poly too. I think a short break is a great time to try a new resort, and the Poly appeals to me most. You may love it and book it for your next extended trip!


I picked WL too! :happy:

We :heart: the resort, it’s only a 2-3 day trip, and it’s peak season, save the $$ your saving to spend in the parks! :happy:
Nathan will thank you! :laugh:


Hey, if GF was ever able to be on my list, i’d jump on it!!! Go for it!


I would go to WL or AKL and save the money for other stuff.


How much is a standard room at AKL? That might be a cheaper option? If not, I would also choose WL


I’m biased, I love the Polynesian so I voted for the Polynesian. Yes it cost more, but it is soooooo worth it. You will not be disappointed.