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Okay, I have asked this on another site…but I have a co worker with a 11 yr old son who is planning to go to WDW next week…what resort would you suggest? As far a money, I am not sure if it is any factor although she did not mention it nor did I ask…so maybe give a suggestion from each group…value, mod,and deluxe. I have only stayed at the POFQ.



Next week? Choices might be limited.

Value, I think they’re all the same, but Pop would edge the All Stars by virtue of not sharing their bus with any resort. The All Stars share their bus to the Studios, Epcot, the water parks, and DTD between the three of them.
Moderate, Port Orleans French Quarter, it’s smaller than the others by half.
Deluxe, AKL because it is the “cheapest” of the deluxe resorts and doesn’t share it’s bus. But it’s so far from the rest of WDW. WL because it’s second least costly and very close to MK without the penalty of paying to be on the monorail beam. If money doesn’t matter, Contemporary tower, MK side.


value - all star movies
moderate - port orleans french quarter - river view
deluxe - polynesian - water view facing 7 seas lagoon


Dana, why Movies over the other two or Pop? Theming?


Thanks every one!!! I will pass this info on to her…much appreciated


An 11 year old boy?

All Star Sports or Movies (don’t know too much about the values, but they seem the “boyish”)

Caribbean Beach or Port Orleans Riverside for mods

Animal Kingdom or Wilderness Lodge for deluxe…

but if she’s looking for next week, it might be a case of taking what she can get.


She may have very few options if she’s going next week, but any of the Values should appeal to an 11-year-old boy, and as for Moderate I’d most likely recommend Port Orleans Riverside.


Value - Pop Century
Mod - POR or POFQ
Deluxe - Wilderness Lodge


Value : All Stars Sports or POP Century
Mod: Caribbean Beach
Deluxe: Poly or WL


My choice suggestions would be:

Value: All-Star Movies or Pop

Moderate: POFQ

Deluxe: AKL (Savannah View)


I’m in Dana’s boat with the All-Star Movies. I’ve stayed at all the values in the past and for some reason All-Star Movies always seemed the most clean, well-kept, I never experienced any bus transportation or guest service issues, & it was the newest of the All-Stars so maybe they improved with each one. Loved the theming the best out of all the Values too.

Not sure what Dana’s reasons are but I totally agree with the ASM resort. :happy:


I kind of love/hate Pop because of the single bus/huge size-bad parking. It is the very first resort I come to when I enter WDW. None of the values does anything for me other than be affordable. I really can’t say anything inherently bad about any of the All Stars, though I haven’t stayed in Movies, which I expect is really a lot like the other values. Face it, underneath the oversized decorations, they’re pretty much cookie cutter rooms and buildings. That’s why I find them to be pretty much the same.
Of course, it’s just me and DW, no kids. So we only have to pay for two adults. We don’t have the added expense of two or three kids and their tickets, food, must have souvenirs, emergency clothes, etc. If we did, I’m sure we’d be staying at the values a whole lot more!


I hear ya, we’re the same, just two adults. Our last stint at a value was in '04and we were broke b/c we just moved from Fl. to NJ & I had to get a job at Target before I found a teaching position up here. We stayed at Pop & Daniel was just so overstimulated with all the colorful loud hubbub he SWORE he’d never stay at a value again. We haven’t. :laugh: Your right about the rooms; the walls always seem paper thin, they’re very “cookie-cutter” as far as decor & non-descript design goes, and just nothing better than being “affordable” (which is DEFINATELY the best quality when needed).

Sorry to threadjack, but maybe these commentaries will help decide?


We’ve only stayed one night at Pop and that was a last minute add on on our last day. The resort was just too much for us. I didn’t like the busy, colorful buildings and the pools were packed and loud at 11:30 at night. We could hear the people in the room next to us and all the screaming in the pool below our room.

We’re not too far from Soundgod and his wife, we only have one child so our trips are more affordable than say a family of 5. Our best friends are a family of 5 and their airfare alone was shocking to me. If we had 2-4 kids I am very sure we would come to love the value resorts.


I just asked the kids (13yo) what they would recommend for an 11 yo boy:
DS said Wilderness Lodge
DD said ASMovies Toy Story and Wilderness Lodge


My almost 10 year old LOVES Wilderness Lodge. I’m not sure what he likes best but the arcade and pool are great.


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar]…so overstimulated with all the colorful loud hubbub he SWORE he’d never stay at a value again… the walls always seem paper thin…/QUOTE]

This is what I have been concerned about and why we have never tried a Value. I also really feel like my bed has to be comfy – it’s the only thing I really care about. Can someone tell me how the beds are at Pop?


Sorry I don’t remember the comfort part of it, I just remember them being small!!! :blink: They’re only a full-sized bed…doesn’t work so well with a 6’6" DH that’s about 240#…and I’m 5’10". :laugh: When he lays on his side and pulls up his legs(cause they hang off the bed) he takes up over half the bed…we’re always in search of a hotel with a Queen or more preferably, a King which is hard to find with an extra bed for the kids.


They’re too small for us, I have to have a queen sized bed or I have no room.


At this point, to sleep the two of us comfortably, it has to be a queen at the least. The values all have double beds and the odd king. I don’t think they’re as comfortable as the mods, and the mods aren’t as comfortable as the deluxes.