Which resorts are closest to Epcot?


I think it would be awesome to look out the window every night and see the big golf ball …ha ha. I love epcot, and it would be great to find out which resorts are the closest to it. Preferrably a deluxe resort,but Im open to the moderates. Are any of them walking distance ? Thats what im looking for, is the one that I could pretty much throw a rock and it land inside Epcot. (Im exxagarating a little bit there, but you get the point.) This would be really handy during Epcots Extra Magic Hours night. Thanks again my fellow mousebuzzers !


I dont say it enough, but you folks are like family, I tell ya. You are the only people on this planet who share my passion for Disneyworld. My whole family thinks Im crazy. They really do. They all want to take boring cruises or go to Europe. I look at them dead in the eye and say …“I can go to Europe anytime I want, just walking through Epcot.” Yesterday I was showing my stepdad some of my cologne, and made the comment “yeah, I got this in Canada.It smells really good.” He looked at me confused…saying “When have you been to canada?” . I then had to explain to him I was referring to Epcot. Those normal people worry me. How could they not love Disneyworld…those people have issues :laugh:


I don’t know if you will be able to see the ball, but Boardwalk, Beach & Yacht Club, Swan and Dolphin are in walking distance to the World Showcase.


I looove staying at the Boardwalk, but you cant beat the pool at Yacht and Beach!


I don’t believe you can see EPCOT from any of the resorts (even the top floors), but BWI and Y&B are the closest to the World Showcase (international gateway) entrance. The Swan and Dolphin are just a little bit longer of a walk


Actually, the walkway comes into the “back” entrance in World Showcase, not the front entrance by the “golfball.”


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The absolute closest is DVC Beach Club Villas. Five minute walk into the International Gate. Both Boardwalk and Yacht/Beach Club resorts are 10 min walk.


For Food & Wine we had a corner room, 8th floor at the Dolphin. It was in the tower that juts out on the left as you look at the Dolphin from the Swan. Did I explain that ok. This room had this cute balcony that you actually had to go through a solid door to get to, kinda hidden. When out on the balcony, we could see Spaceship Earth, etc, etc. Marvelous room. It was a Florida rate room, so it wasn’t expensive or anything. Just purely lucked into it.
Other than that, you may be hard-pressed to see much of Epcot since the resorts are not high-rises like the Swan and Dolphin. I would venture a guess that some rooms in the Swan have similar views since they face Epcot.

We’ve had great views of the Studios from the Boardwalk. Back in the days when it was MGM and it had evening fireworks, these rooms were heaven.

Short answer to your question is that the Beach Club is closest to Epcot.



oh. Well, all of that pretty much answers my question. I guess Ill just go back to my original plan of going to the contemporary and face the magic kingdom. The castle is nice at night, it will be a nice view.


As posted, all 5 of the Epcot/Crescent Lake resorts are the closest and they are all walking distance. Generally, deluxe resorts are the closest to the parks, values the farthest.
You will not be able to look out your window and see the golf ball from most rooms, in fact, you can’t really see much inside of Epcot from any of the resorts, excepting the highest rooms in the Dolphin tower.

And if you do, you’ll be able to see the golf ball every day and night from your room much better than at one of the Epcot resorts.


When we stayed at the Yacht club we could see the fireworks in the world show case lagoon every night from our balcony it was amazing! I don’t remember seeing the big ball from the room.


They will generally tell you there are no Epcot view rooms at the BCV’s now, but there are still some great views of Spaceship Earth. We always try to get a room on that side. Get a room on the 5th floor and enjoy the rattling windows during the fireworks! :eek::laugh: