Which resorts for Christmas?


Which resorts are a must see for Christmas decorations? We will have only one day at each park and one day to see both the resorts and DTD. This is our first Christmas trip and dont know when we will ever get to go at Christmas again.

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions! :wub:


The best decorations seem to be the Yacht lobby, the Beach lobby, the Boardwalk lobby and the Grand Floridian lobby. Swan and Dolphin have some cute stuff as well. Poly and Contemporary didn’t really do anything to speak of last year. It’s interesting as Christmas grows nearer to see lights being added to guest room railings on the Contemporary tower. These are guest lights that seem to get left behind and all seem to come down on NYD.


GF is something to see.


I have heard the WL has a beautiful lobby at Christmas.


Here are some pics to help you make up your mind. They are from are 2006 Christmas in Disney. I have no Idea if the pic’s are going to show up.

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I agree - and if you get a chance take a look at the WL Villas little lobby - so cosy and Christmasy.


You will not believe your eyes when you get up close to the huge lobby tree at AKL… it is covered with African ornaments that are absolutely incredible!

I love Boardwalk at Christmas, and also the country trees and decor at POR. But the most incredible is probably the GF. That lobby and all the poinsettias and all the lights are amazing.


Really, all of the Deluxe resorts are very nice except for the Contemporary and the Poly (not impressed at all). The Swan & Dolphin were also very nice. As soundgod had posted, the best are at the Y&B, GF, WL & AKL.


The Contemporary also has a very cute (huge) Pinnochio candy display. At AKL and Poly they have some too…they’re all over the place and all so cute!! We wore my FIL out running all over the place hitting the resorts, but it’s well worth it!! Also, all the countries in Epcot have displays and most have “Santa” or their equivilence for their country as story tellers throughout the day on a timed scheduled. Neat stories and good history!


The Contemporary did have much at all in the lobby or concourse last Christmas.
I’m not sure what to expect until Christmas 08 when they’ve finished all the renovations to the public areas.


I imagine they all do something special for xmas but I have heard that the GF decorations are a real treat. Erin posted some pics on a thread ( quite a while back though) of the gingerbread house they have there etc. I will try and find the thread for you. WL is also supposed to be fantastic.


I think the Gingerbread house in the GF is a must see. Not that I myself have seen it, but that is what I hear!!


I have heard so much about the GF we are making it a place we will be seeing for sure and trying to get to AKL and Wl


I personally LOVE the Wilderness Lodge and the AKL during Christmas.


PM – Make plenty of time to check out the amazing decorations at the parks. The Christmas stuff and all the Christmas music, and the themed characters… it’s really terrific.
There are incredible Christmas concerts at EC, and themed parades everywhere – there is just so very much to do at the holidays!


I went last year to the GF to see the Gingerbread house. It is a must see. All the resorts are decked out so there is no shortage of holiday cheer.


No matter where you stay . . . take a day to tour the other hotels and see how they all decorate . . . DISNEY does it RIGHT! :heart:


If I had a day to do the resorts during christmast, I would start off at the WL for breakfast…take the boat over to the contemporary and then monorail hop the resorts. You would also have enough time after to take hop a quick cab to the Beach club and do the Epcot resorts and maybe end your day with dinner at spoodles.


The Grand Floridian and Boardwalk are my favs.


My own choices, Grand Floridian, AKL, WL and Boardwalk. All have unique, beautiful decorations (Downtown Disney is gorgeous at Christmas too!!)