Which resorts sleep 5?


So, we want to visit in late January and take advantage of the free dining offer, but we just want to get one room. So, with a little person on a daybed or trundle, which value or moderate resort sleeps 5?


The only value and moderate properties that accommodate 5 in one room are the Family Suites at All-Star Music and the trundle bed rooms at Port Orleans Riverside. Hope that helps.


POR does. You have a trundle bed and 2 doubles. Only available within the Alligator Bayou side though. They are not available in the Magnolia bend side. Nice rooms though.


Not true about the mods. CSR holds five if you reserve a jr suite. Also, the cabins, all the deluxe resorts, half of POR and All Star Family suites. Once the new Pop opens, they will as well.


:mickey:Port Orleans Riverside fits 5. But only the Alligator Bayou. There’s a trundle, and two double beds. We were actually just there! The rooms are pretty, too. hehe :happy: