Which restaurant for a birthday party?


My dd will be turning 3 during our trip to WDW. I’m just wanting ideas for a good place for a birthday meal with her. Doesn’t matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner) We will be a group of 11 including a 5, 7, 8 and 11yr old (only 1 boy- the 11yr old). Her favourite character at the moment is Mickey but I imagine that by the time she is 3 the princesses will feature in there somewhere as they did for my other dd when she was 3. She also likes Playhouse Disney and Pooh Bear and friends.
I’d love to hear any ideas.


Just wanted to add that we are looking for something a little interactive. Somewhere where she might be able to interact with the characters, move around a bit…if that makes sense.


Crystal Place is a great place from what I remember.
But then again so was chef Mickey’s for breakfast


I think Crystal Palace is a great idea. The food is good, the atmosphere is wonderful and the character interraction is great (you’ll see Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet). Every little while they do a parade of all the kids celebrating their birthday around the dining room with the characters so everyone can sing. I think that would be great in that the other children won’t be turned off either. You can choose to do this character meal as breakfast, lunch or dinner. I always do breakfast though, since you can get into MK before rope drop and take lots of great pictures of Main Street and the castle before the crowds come in!


I’d go with Crystal Palace, too, especially if she loves the Pooh-Bear.


If she likes Mickey then Chef Mickey’s is a fun place to celebrate a birthday. The characters are fun and the food is pretty good.


Does she like Jo-Jo and the little einsteins? There is a new character breakfast that features them at MGM. Otherwise, I’d vote for Chef Mickey’s. It is great fun. Where ever you go, make sure you tell them that you are celebrating a birthday!


My vote would be Chef Mickey’s, if you are looking for interactive they do QUITE a fun birthday party there and with 10 people there will be something that everyone will like to eat. If she likes Mickey, Chef Mickey’s would be the place to be for her birthday! :smile:


What About The Princess Breakfast ?


Crystal Palace gets my vote~ or Chef MIckeys. I know they both make a huge fuss over birthdays and get everyone involved in singing to the birthday boy or girl. It realy is a treat. Both restaurants are buffet and all you can eat and we have never had a bad meal at either.


Chef Mickey’s all the way. It is my 2, 3, & 5yo’s favorite restaraunt. 3yo DD talks about it much more than the princess dinner.


I agree…Chef Mickey’s!!! We will also be celebrating our DD birthday while we are there in Dec. She will turn 5. We went there last year to have breakfast and she loved it. I guess that is why she has requested it again.


Definately Chef Mickey’s or if your into western music, try Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. The characters do not go around to the tables but dance with the kids on the dance floor. It is picnic style food, a bit pricey but you are paying for 2 hours of fun! Western Band, two MC’s which are hysterical, a rope lasooer (spelling ???) and line dancing lessons. Your entire group would be able to all sit together too. Depending on when you go, it can be really hot. After you can sit on the beach and watch the water pagent parade.


Chef Mickeys has a great atmosphere and really gets you going for a day in the parks, you get lots of character interaction and the food is great. It’s a veery loud n lively place, Im sure everyone in your party wil enjoy it!
This hasn’t been mentioned but Park Fare in the GF is manily Pooh an friends with the additions of the Alice in Wonderland crew and Mary Poppins. Though it’s not as lively as Chef Mickeys they still get the whole restaurant singin ‘Happy Birthday’ and the character interaction is great. I went for my 18th and got this cute little tiara that I wore all day!


Is that only for breakfast Campbell? I just made a dinner ADR for December at 1900 PF expecting it to be Cinderella and Prince Charming and her clan…


Currently, Park Fare breakfast is Mary Poppins. Dinner is Cinderella & “friends.”


I’d say it’s between CP and Chef Mickey’s.


and according to my passporter, and friends could be Prince Charming, 2 mice, (Suzie and Perla) and The Fairly Godmother.


Mickey’s Backyard BBQ is awesome. It is only TH and Sat nights, but the kids get to dance hand in hand with the characters. We just went for my daughter’s 11th bday, and it was great. Goofy taught them how to line dance. They had open dance. Mickey and Minnie do walk around and take pics. You can even order a special birthday cake. Best we’ve had for interaction with the characters.


I would say chef mickeys or ohannas. I went there for breakfast and that was my ultimate favorite…