Which restaurant for Christmas dinner?


LeCellier or California Grill?

I have only been to LeCellier for lunch, and I have never been to California Grill…

Thanks for any suggestions!




Artist’s Point - Wilderness Lodge is SO Christmasy!


I think you missed MY recommendation. I don’t see the point in continuing the discussion after that.:mad::laugh:


Oh, I SAW your recommendation.:dry:

Since you’ve been out of touch, WOMEN got the Vote.:dry:


Oh hahahahahahahaha! :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I agree with LLama, but if you really just want to choose between LeCellier and California Grill, I would choose CG.


OK, how about this – LeCellier earlier in the week, and then CG for Christmas itself?

I am getting really excited… less than 60 days till I can make PSs… er, I mean ADRs!


That sounds perfect, MissDis :happy:


We’re excited too!! Our first (actual) Christmas away from home. I’m going to miss not decorating but I’m NOT going to miss putting ALL the decorations away this year!! :laugh:

I think we’ve decided to do Trails End Buffet for Christmas. Not your main-stream Christmas meal, but it feels homey and cozy, and we always love their food! I also think it will be less crazy busy over at Ft. Wilderness that day…but we’ll see!


Since the poster was asking specifically about CG and LeCelliar, California Grill without a doubt.


BDavis, actually, yoiu have given me a great idea of adding Trails End to our week! We hav eneve rbeen there, and I love to try new places each trip!


It’s Christmas, do California Grill.
Besides, where would you rather eat? A room with few windows and views of the outside world, or 15th floor views through panoramic glass of the Magic Kingdom and Seven Seas Lagoon?


We did 1900 Park Fare for christmas and Le Cellier for Christmas eve (candle light processional)


OK – semi-final ADR plan:

Hollywood Brown Derby
California Grill (Christmas)

Crystal Palace


I know I have to add some more places, since we have decided to use the DDP (thanks for doing the math Dana!). So far, the short list of places to add is:
Trails End
Whispering Canyon Cafe
Coral Reef


Looks like a winner. Glad you have Tony’s in there. It’s one of the best kept secrets


CC – Keep hearing about Tony’s but I have never eaten there! Hard to believe, since I have always mentioned that I thought MK needed a great place to eat. I am a certified wacko, I guess. But I can fix it this trip by going to Tony’s!


If you’ve already been to one, then I would opt for California Grill. They have very good food and the best view of the fireworks!


You wont be disappointed. Good simple italian food.


Your choices look great. We will be there at the same time as you. Unfortunately, I haven’t even thought about where we will be eating this trip. Maybe once I am out of school for summer break and only have Grad school to worry about, then I can sit down witht eh family to come up with ours ADR’s. Thanks for reminding me about Tony’s. I always say I want to try it, but never remember when we are planning our meals.