Which Restaurant Would You Choose?


I have given my children (DS14 and DD7) the choice of three restaurants to choose from. They have already made their choice (answer is below) but I was wondering what the consensus in MBland would be:

Choice #1: O’hana Character Breakfast. We have never eaten here and love Lilo & Stitch. However, we are not big fans of scrambled eggs.

Choice #2: 1900 Park Fare Character Breakfast. We’ve eaten here for dinner only. We love buffet breakfasts. However, we’ll be seeing Pooh & Tigger at Crystal Palace and my daughter is not a big fan of Alice.

Choice #3: 1900 Park Fare Character Dinner. We’ve done this before 3 years ago. We love buffet dinners. What’s not to love about Prince Charming:wub: ? We’ve never met Lady Tremaine or the evil step-sisters. However, this could get kind of pricey.

My children’s ultimate choice was #3!!!


I picked 3 because we are trying it soon ourselves and I love breakfast food more than dinners.

I am glad your kids could agree on the same one, though!


I think any of them would be great!


The buffet dinner has to be the choice for me. The spread is very good.


If the menu were different for breakfast at 'Ohana, I’d be there in a heartbeat.
Mostly, I’m not a fan of family style service, though the dinner menu at 'Ohana is pretty agreeable.
My choice on this list is 1900 Park Fare for breakfast. It’s an excellent buffet, easily on par with Crystal Palace (and two of the same characters).
Haven’t done dinner there, but that’s more because I don’t care much for those characters and we often don’t eat dinner until after their last seating.


Out of the three 1900 Park Fare was the best. I’m not a brakfeast eater.


It’s a miracle they all want to do the same thing – and it’s a cool thing at that – so go for the 1900 dinner. Take a ton of photos, so the $$$ evens out over the years of enjoyment.


I voted for Ohana’s. We’ve had dinner there, but never breakfast. We ate at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast on our last trip. We’ve also done both princess breakfasts (MK and Epcot) They are all very nice.


I guess it’s what you enjoy. We’re not buffet fans, so we really like the breakfast at O’hana. The food was good and plentiful and the characters were great! With kids, I’d always go for a breakfast - everyone is fresh and ready for an exciting day. At the end of the day the kids might be cranky and tired and not enjoy it so much. Only you know your kids.


We LOVE 1900 Park Fare for dinner! In our opinion it has the best food of the dinner buffets we’ve tried so far. It just seems to be a step above normal buffett fare. Try the cold strawberry soup OMG it is AWESOME!!


I also have done O’haha’s breakfast and I could live off the pineapple bread! Characters were wonderful with the kids…Goofy tried to feed my kids and dripped syrup on my sons arm and he “licked” it off…my son who was 4 at the time thought that was the funniest thing!
I have a picture of it on Disfriends…


This is pretty much the other side of the coin from my feelings.
I don’t not like 'Ohana, it just doesn’t excite ME.

It is a big favorite of many people, so clearly, they’re doing something right.
I’m just a sucker for an omelet station.


I really like all 3 of your choices, but I picked #3 just because when were there in October, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizzella were hilarious!


I picked 1900 for dinner only because we haven’t been to that one yet and I can’t wait until we can. If I had to choose one I have tried, it’d be Ohana!


I Love all 3 that your kids picked but go with the one they want most!!! (#3???)

I have yet to see the stepsisters and Lady Tremaine though! Can’t wait for that in November!!! :cool:


1900 Park fayre breakfast is a regular of ours and we love the characters and the atmosphere-but if the kids have picked #3 then I guess #3 it will be and I am sure it will be just as fabulous!


We enjoy the Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club?

It’s an all you can eat clam bake. Lots of food, resonably priced and the kids get to color on the tables (just kiddin) they put down a paper table cloth and give the kids crayons.

Lots of delicious desserts, all you can eat!!!:happy:

My husband loves all you can eat. (Oh and the food is good too).


I have never been to any of them so I just wanted to say I hope you have fun! I have only been to Crystal Palace for CB and loved it.


Crystal Palace for breakfast is the best one.


I picked dinner but thats b/c i personally want to try it!