Which restaurants can you see the fireworks from?


Which restaurants can you see the fireworks from? And which park are the fireworks at for those restaurants? I am in the middle of making my ADR’s for our May trip, and I really wanted to do a dinner at one of the restaurants that you can see the fireworks from. :wub:


MK view… California Grill, Narcoosees, Ohana, CRT
Epcot view… Rose & Crown (outdoor seating)


Okay, so if the fireworks are at 10:00, then what time do you think I should try to do my reservations for? I am going to Narcoossee’s and O’Hana, but right now my ADR’s are for 7:00 & 7:30. I guess I should move them to about 9:00?? or 8:30ish???
What do you think?:confused:


I would want to be eating while the fireworks were going off. I would not want to take the chance of the waiter scooting me out of my table just prior to them beginning.


That is exactly what I would like to do. So, what time would you suggest? Maybe 9:00-9:30ish?


Well… it depends on the times… here is a link to the firework and parade times only for December 2007. Depending on what day you are dining… you can determine your ressie’s



When we had those great seats at Rose and Crown, we got done a little early and I was worried about the same thing.
Our server was wonderful though! She told us not to hurry, take our time and enjoy the show.

We left her a big tip!!


Well, I ended up making both reservations for 9:00pm. And, the fireworks are at 10:00pm. So, I am hoping it works out. :wub:


Sorry, I posted the Dec. dates and times before…here is the Jan. info.

Walt Disney World - Theme Park, Parade, Fireworks and Water Park Hours


You don’t need to eat at Narcoossee’s. They have a wrap around deck outside and play the music out there most nights too. The deck is open to the public and you can also watch from GF’s dock as well. California Grill will allow you back up to watch fireworks on the night you dine there if you finish your meal early and I recommend watching from the outside observation deck anyway. You don’t really hear the explosions inside as well as outside. I recommend the beach at the Poly over O’hana because window seating is very limited and again, you can hear the bursts outside. Personally, CRT is out, partly because you’re insulated from the sound and mostly because inside CRT, you’ll miss every single shell or burst that is fired from the castle and you’ll be lucky to see the big stuff from the back of the park. Epcot has Rose and Crown, nice view, limited menu; and Tokyo Dining in Japan. Tokyo Dining has a good deal of window glass and you’re on the second floor. The bad news, you won’t really see the video globe very well. But Japan has a balcony that offers a pretty good view, in case you hae finished your meal before showtime.
You can easily take 90 minutes to 2 hours to eat at Narcoossee’s and Cali Grill. If you make your reservation for an hour before showtime, you should be fine. Service at Rose and Crown tends to be slow in my experience, so again, 7:45 should do you well. I’ve got a whole different story to share about dining at Teppan Edo during Illuminations. Look for a trio report soon.


How about Tokyo Dining in Epcot? I think they have a bank of windows toward the lake and the fireworks.


8:30 ish would be good. one time while I was making reservations for rose and Crowns for 6:00 she asked if I was planning on sitting there til Illuminations


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heheh, I should have read all the replies. Thanks Doug :closedeye


WOW!!! Thank you! I will definetly be printing this and taking it with me, so I can get great spots to watch the fireworks for other nights!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!


For the best view and bragging rights, take the boat tour of Illuminations. Outstanding!


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The Bistro de Paris (the upstairs restaurant in France) also gives you a nice view if you snag a window seat - but it’s not such a great restaurant for families.


I think the concept of sitting at your table and eating your meal, or enjoying desserts and cordials while fireworks burst overhead is great. It’s just, for me, I really prefer to not have any glass or sound dampener between me and the concussion of the fireworks’ explosions and an unobstructed view. I have been known to get up and excuse myself from the table in both O’hana and Teppan Edo so I could watch from outside. OK, I was also taping and our tables on both occasions were nowhere near a window in any case, but still, you know what I’m talking about here, right? That thump in the chest feeling when they go “BOOM”.