Which restaurants require 2 TS credits?


It looks like I’ll be renting DVC points and staying at Beach Club Villas in October for my birthday and also getting the dining plan. I need to know which TS restaurants need 2 credits. I know CRT,Jiko,California Grill,Brown Derby and Spoodles need 2 credits,but I am sure that there are more. Please help!!!


Actually Spoodles is only one. I’ll provide a link with all the “signature dining” restaurants that require two.


Here it is.

I think you’ll need Adobe to view it.


Really? I thought in the meet-n-greet thread Cavey said that it was 2 TS credits.


I didn’t see that, but I can tell you that as of last week when I was there, it was only 1. Check out the link, that will tell you for sure.


Also, all three dinner shows: the luau, the backyard BBQ and hoop de doo are all two (2) credits each!


Right, and so is CRT, as of yesterday.


Thanks. I’m not a dinner show person,so I won’t worry about those. If we like Spoodles when we go to the Meet-n-greet,we might go back. I’m going to take your advice and try the Vanilla bean creme brulee,Ingamba.


Good Question!!! I have another one. Is the Le Cellier Steakhouse 2 credits as well?


No, it’s only one!

I posted a link earlier in this thread that will tell you which are one and which are two. It’ll also tell you which restaurants feature character meals.