Which resturant would you pick


We have never tried any of these resturants and I was wondering where you would pick for dinner. It will be myself, DH, DS 18, DS 13. Thanks in advance.
Chef Mickeys
The Plazza Resturant
The Wave
Chefs de France


I love my classic Chef Mickeys


I picked The Wave. I haven’t been there, but the reviews that I read about it have been quite good. I’m not a fan of Chef Mickeys or Chefs de France.


I picked Chef Mickeys just because if you have never been there you just have to go. We prefer breakfast there to dinner, however.


I love Chef Mickeys! Being a buffet there are a lot of choices and it always fun to eat with the characters!


I would rule out Plaza just on the basis that it strikes me more like a good place for lunch than dinner.

Chef Mickey’s is fun, but the food is iffy at best.

I think I would pick The Wave, just because it is new, and also, it looks like it would be a pretty neat place to try.
Of course, you can check out the menus at Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World and see if any of them appeal to you.


The menu at the Wave didn’t really catch me so it would be between the Plaza Restaurant and Chef Mickey’s. Both are must dos for us most of the time. We like the Plaza restaurant for the lighter menu and Chef Mickey’s for the characters.


I chose Les Chefs de France. It’s one of my faves! But, I’ve never been to The Wave or Plaza Restaurant so I can’t judge them.


I picked the Wave, we ate there in October & not only did our meals impress me but the atmosphere was AWESOME. Totally gorgeous & great service. Considering you have teenagers I think they would dig a cool modern fancy place over Chef Mickeys to mix it up a bit in WDW.


We have eaten at two of the four places you named. We had an early dinner (4:30pm) at The Plaza about 3 weeks ago. We really enjoyed it. Like a lot of the restaurants, we found there wasnt a huge selection to pick from. With that being said, the portions we did get were plentiful. I had a bowl of tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese sandwich/fries. Both were really good (they do not have an adult grilled cheese on the menu but if you ask they will make it. It is a double layered grilled cheese). My husband had a salad and a cheesesteak sandwich/fries which was huge. We had lunch the day before at Coral Reef, spent 3x the amount them we had spent at The Plaza, and the food portions were tiny and IMO not as good. I would go to The Plaza again without a second thought.

Back in December we had lunch at Chefs de France. It was really good. We had some type of crepes. The service was great…the waiter was very nice and personable. He and my 7 yr old had a funny conversation. My son liked the waiter’s accent and kept asking the waiter to say different names but in French. The desserts were as good, if not better, than the meal. Creme brulee and one of the other desserts that I cant remember the name of. My parents went to Chefs dr France for dinner 3 weeks ago and said it was one of the best meals they have ever had at Epcot. My dad had the short ribs, soup, and dessert and my mom had the salmon, soup, and dessert. They said they ate so much they were too full to fight the crowd to meet us at MK. They found seats at the concert stage, relaxed and watched Paul Revere and the Raiders instead.

I dont know of anyone personally that has been to The Wave. Chef Mickey’s is suppose to be fun and the food okay. I think you go there more for the character interaction then the quality of the food.

Have fun and enjoy wherever you end up! : )


I would try the Wave…looks pretty cool.


If this is a corrected poll/thread, I’d still vote Chefs for dinner, followed possibly by The Wave.


Chef Mickey’s is one of my favorites at Disney! You must definitely try it!


The Wave, most definately!


I picked the Plaza because I’ve always wanted to try it! It is probably more of a lunchtime place but it always looks so good and DT brags about it all the time.


I want to thank all of you for voting. I still have not made up my mind and I have to make ADRs tomorrow morning. Since Chef Mickey’s is a classic and at least a one time must do, it is going on the list. The wave seems very interesting so my and the DH are going to try to get there for some lunch as well as the Plazza. I would love to try Chefs France but I am still not convinced yet.
I just hope I can get everywhere we want to dine including Le Cellier:)


I voted for Chef Mickeys although I have heard quite a few positives about The Wave.