Which ride do you visit to relax?


Many of the rides at Walt Disney World are not relaxing at all. Where do you go to relax? (OK, I know Ice Station Cool is not a ride, but I had to include it)


We found Tomorrowland Transit Authority, like DL’s old Peoplemover, to be very relaxing.


Nothing better than the TTA !!!


TTA all the way. I ride it twice in a row sometimes. :happy:


I voted for the Ice Station Cool. It’s nice to go in there and try all of the colas (except Beverly :blow: ) and just take your time. TTA would be a very close second though.


Spaceship Earth…but Hall of Presidents is pretty relaxing, too!


I voted for Spaceship Earth. It is nice and dark and relaxing - plus it always eems to break down with us right in the middle of the ride- so we get a little extra time - lol. I could have easily said “other,” because to me IASW is about as relaxing (or is it boring) as any attraction…


Definitely TTA. Although many of these are good relaxing rides!! Good choices, Mickey!! :laugh:


I like SSE and TTA… I think the train at MK is great to relax on also.


DEFINETLY TTA! It is so relaxing and gives you time to recharge. It is especially great on like your 3-4 day of the parks in the middle of the day when your feet are screaming. It seems to always give me my second wind!


I voted for SE, but TTA would have to be a close second.

There’s also El Rio Del Tiempo. I love that ride for many reasons… not the least of which that it never has a line!!! :wink:

I sing that song for hours after we ride it. Drives everyone nuts. :tongue:


You can relax at disney…man I wish someone had told me that earlier? :biggrin:
I voted other becuase the only relaxation I can find is on the bus trip back to my resort. :whistling


I wanted to vote for three. We usually go to Hall of Presidents, SSE, and TTA for a break. I think Hall of presidents is the best for a quick nap–it’s so cool and dark.


I usually fall asleep when Carter starts, then I wake up for Reagan, then fall asleep for Bush and Clinton, then wake up during W. Just kidding!!! It is a nice place to nap.



Don’t get me started on W. The shine is definately wearing off…

But I’ll agree that the last president worth listening too was Ronny. :smile:

In any case, both HoP and American Adventure are GREAT places for nap-time. :laugh:


I put SE, but I also like the TTA and Universe of Energy.


Oh, I really like American Adventure. HoP I understand.

The Buses at night put me to sleep.


THE TTA, ALL THE WAY!!! it is such a great ride and so easy going!!!


For me it is the American Adventure. I know it’s not a ride, but it does relax me when I need just a little break. Of course, there were time I caught my DH with his eyes shut… :sleep: :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


I don’t know about WDW (YET!!!)… but at DLR it’s the Tiki Room. Just like a baby, I block out the loud noise. It’s cool, it’s dark, it’s zzzzzzzzzz…

Will the Tiki Room Under New Management be able to achieve the same effect?