Which ride do you visit to relax?


:eek: who can fall asleep at the stirring, amazing, inspiring adventure that is our own…hehehe…I can see the hall of presidents…but sleeping through the wit of Mark Twain…or at least a Mark Twain robot??? come on now…and what about when Ben F. walks up the stairs in that one scene??? :eek:


TTA is my first choice. I have been known to ride more than once if they will let me stay on!!


I’ve never asked for that. We should try that next time.

the 4 of us LOVE TTA. We’ve been known to go on in 3 or 4 times in a row… but we’ve never asked to simply stay on. We usually scamper down the ramp and then back up.


I would have to say the Wedway People Mover (TTA for all those others), HoP, and SSE. I love them all. They are all relaxing, but in different ways. I don’t fall asleep in them, but one time one of the President’s did fall over when we were in there. It was hilarious. Not too relaxing that day (that was years ago - I was about 12).


This is hard, because there are so many choices. I finally picked Impressions de France, because the chairs are very comfy, the scenery in the film is gorgeous and the music is wonderful. It’s a respite for the body, the eyes and the ears. Total relaxation.


TTA. :slight_smile: I always put my feet up on the seat (shh don’t tell on me) and chill. It’s so so nice… I wish I was there now! I’m studying for exams and I could sure use some relaxation… :laugh:


We love the TTA…not only because it is very relaxing…but we can check out how long the lines are inside Space Mountain!! And of course…when you take off in your little buggy on that first curve…it has a little zest…we ride the TTA 2,3 maybe 4 times a trip…and the line never being long is a PLUS


Sure…if you can zone out 50 million birds…AND Gilbert Gottfried at the same tme…


:noo: Man, he’s a hard one to block out! :laugh:


TTA for us, but SSE is a close second. These rides actually put DS to sleep last year so that was a nice added bonus!


I voted Spaceship Earth but we didn’t do TTA. Next time!! :mickey:


I voted “other” because I ride the train all around the MK for relaxation. I love to look a the cheesey Indians and all the other things along the way. Once around and I am definitely VERY relaxed.


I voted “Other” because the first ride that came to mind was Pirates. That ride is soooo relaxing to me! :mickey: Although TTA and Spaceship Earth are other good choices, for sure.


We too have been known to stay on the TTA over and over. My 8 year old simply asked a CM one time if we could just stay on, and they said sure! Of course, there weren’t many people trying to get on. We also like the boat ride in Mexico @ Epcot to give our “barking dogs” a rest.


I voted for the Hall of Presidents because it is a good place to relax, cool off, and take a quick nap.


I like to relax on the good ole Disneyland Railroad. I once fell asleep on it, and ended up riding it FOUR times in a row. It was so nice! :mickey:


Spaceship Earth does it for me. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by my “tour” of World Showcase, I like to head to Spaceship Earth for a little snooze.


The kids and I rode TTA 3 times and I had a hard time getting them off the ride. I find the view great and very relaxing being up above the masses.


This has got me wondering.
Has anyone ever encountered a line at TTA ?

I never have even in the thick of the summer crowds.


I sometimes “rest my eyes” in SE or even American Adventure in Epcot. TTA in MK.