Which ride do you visit to relax?


I voted for TTA but also find Carousel of Progress relaxing and the Boneyard at AK.


DH and I always ride TTA to relax.


I find StorybookLand Canal Boats to be quite relaxing.


OTHER…Carousel of Progress!!! All the way


We always go like 3 times on the TTA :biggrin:


I voted for TTA. But we also do the train around MK for breaks.


Hands down TTA


I chose “Hall of Presidents”, because we usually arrive there at a time when everyone is hot & sweaty & in need of a break. The building is so nice & dark & cool…don’t tell anybody, but I’ve been known to snooze a little bit in there! :sleeping: :wink:



Didn’t a four year old lose part of his thumb on that ride this last spring.


It’s the

Wedway People Mover.

Oh, has Eisner brainwashed even the loyal people of DC?


i know I know…sorry caver…your right…lol…



Hall of Presidents!!! A/C + Darkness = Catnap.


I don’t get it. :huh:


IASW definitely.


I had to go with Ice Station Cool because I loved to relax at carrousel of progress before they got rid of it.


We enjoy relaxing on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, or as we lovingly call it, the WED Way!


I vote Enchanted Tiki Room. So great when you are hot and tired and don’t want to wait in line. :cool: It is amazing how easily you can block out the noise.


I love the TTA, but, sort of to be different, I voted Ice Station Cool.
I love the cool weather on a hot summer day as well as the great tasting sodas and Coke merchandise.


Spaceship Earth great place to relax & cool off. Just needs to be updated a little.



TTA, or, as we prefer, the old WEDWAY people mover, [another place where they removed all vestiges of Walt] Gotta’ be the top place to relax at top speed, no less! :cool: :mickey: