Which ride do you visit to relax?


I say it’s the TTA.


I voted for Other. I like IASMW for a relaxing ride. Believe it or not, I also find PoC to be relaxing.


I voted for SpaceShip Earth. It is a nice attraction and while you sit there, you can cool off in the air conditioning. I have nearly dozed off on this ride in the past.


I voted for the WED Way- I mean TTA! Lol! I once rode this ride for 2 hours straight because I was sick and the rest of my group wanted to do other things. I ended up falling asleep on my third time around and the cast members just left me on it! When I woke up it was 2 hours later!


Now that is funny!!! :laugh:


I visit any ride with a play area that my DD can run through and I can find a bench or chair to relax on. More often than not, our relaxing is done at the resort.


Sorry, love, just saw your response. TTA was once called the Wedway People Mover. That’s the name I remember from my childhood. That’s the name I’m sticking with.


I will never call it the TTA–it’s the WedWay even to my 6 year old.


That’s because you’re smart, intelligent, good looking, and an overall better person than the rest of society. Welcome to the club.


I’ve always called it Wedway- I even said that to my friends on spring break and they were like, “I don’t see that on the map.”


Then you may be in our club as well.


Sweet- I love clubs! :biggrin:


I was beginning to think I was the only one who relaxes in the Tiki Room, for the same reasons! Especially if you can get snuggled into a corner…!


TTA hands down. Ice Station Cool is good thing to do to get a quick drink especially on a hot day in Orlando.


I hope they never get rid of these rides. The TTA is the ultimate for relaxing. Its the quickest line ever. If there is a line.


Hey DisneyDude85, did you know they just closed Ice Station Cool for a 6 month re-hab!? No more free drinks, and no more snow tunnel. Which, by the way, has not been running for some time. Hope I didn’t burst your bubble.


I like SSE because it is dark and has ac. TTA is a close second though.
Can’t nap in HOP because I have to see it all! :wink:


I love the Kilamanjaro safari


I love the people mover !!!


Universe of Energy!!!