Which ride do you visit to relax?


Smoothie & TTA. Perfect combination for a break.


We stop in UoE or CoP. Both are long, cool, and relaxing.


I love the Transit Authority, you get a nice smooth ride with a gentle breeze and it takes you through other attractions. Love it. :wub:


Ellen’s Energy Adventure, or Universe of Energy. Does that thing ever end? :sleeping:


I’ve actually dosed off on the ride a few times. Nice place to cool off…:ohmy:


Last time I was there (Jan 2006) we rode TTA 3 times without getting off! It was really nice.


I voted TTA, the Hall of Presidents makes me go to sleep.


Out of those choices, I’d pick the Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour. :happy:


i voted on O canada because my best friend Charles Miller was born in Canada.:mickey:


I voted TTA as well (it USED to be called the People Mover)…but I agree that El Rio Del Tiempo is also quite relaxing…One year, when my firstborn was 15 months old… he had his nap on the boat in his Nana’s arms… DH and I were finishing our meal with my MIL… and Hunter was growing tired… So my mom took him on the ride… they ride was not busy…so when he fell asleep, the CM’s let him just go through again and again… When we finished our meal…MIL I waited for their boat to come through…and we joined my mom and my son… and when DH had paid the check, he joined us as well. Hunter got to have his nap on El Rio Del Tiempo.

Now that he is six, he loves to hear that story. :laugh:


How DO you block out the noise? I can’t stand being in that Tiki Room… I avoided going on it for YEARS…but DH had never been in there…so I relented and went in… Never again! I vowed… but then we had kids…and they wanted to go… Oh boy! Never again!


I ride the train around DL. It’s nice ride.


i voted on O’ Canada because the lovely song in the end.


For relaxing, TTA all the way. I don’t fall asleep on it though. For napping- Carousel of Progress (but I really do like CoP!)


I like to relax on the Transit Authority. Although i find It’s a Small World to be relaxing too.


we go there after space mountain. My dad always rides space mountain, even though it makes his head and stomach hurt


I love the TTA!! I could actually fall asleep on that thing. It’s a good 10 min ride to re-charge and get on with the rest of your day.


A quick note about TTA. (I voted for Spaceship Earth to relax b/c I literally fall asleep when I’m tired, but TTA is a close second)

If you really want to relax on TTA, you can ride it a number of times in a row unless it’s really really crowded. Simply ask the CM if you can stay on and most times, they’ll let you.


spaceship earth.


I picked other. We love to ride UofE with Ellen and Bill Nye. Nice long ride with air conditioning. Plus it’s educational too.