Which ride should Disney close, and which one shouldn't they?


So, with the recent partial closures of Timekeeper and Carousel of Progress, and the permanent closure of Legend of the Lion King, it looks like no ride is safe from being removed, or remodeled into something completely unrecognizable. So, if Disney were to close just one ride, which one would you like them to close, and which one would you be so mad that they closed, you would consider never coming back again?

I would be happy if they closed Body Wars. The worst ride ever. Actually, if they closed the whole Wonders of Life pavilion, that would be a plus. Rumor has it, it is next after Space is done. I can’t wait!

I would always come back, but it would take a while to heal if they were to close Tower of Terror. Quintessential Disney, take a simple ride, and turn it into a masterpiece of design, atmosphere and excitement.


I believe that Disney is a young company. The parks will continue to appeal as long as they refresh and replace their rides. There are some rides that should be refreshed with new technology and new story telling (read, not new stories) and others that should be fazed out (which I believe is the point to this thread) and replaced with totally new rides that reflect current “classic” content.

I think that EPCOT should be updated more often. This would keep with Uncle Walts vision. Body Wars should be replaced.

As I’ve said in another thread I would love to see The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean updated. These where great break through rides in their day and could be again with a little updating. But Disney’s money is not endless. I’m sure that a lot of the development money is being spent on getting AK up and running (which I think is becoming a very good park).

My pick to close would be “The Great Movie Ride”



Well I think they should rip down…ummmm…uhh…well…Body Wars I always get sick!

I think they should keep rock ‘n’ roller coaster. No ripping that down!:cool:



Body Wars and the whole pavillion could disappear and I would care less!

I am pretty sentimental about anything in the Magic Kingdom. Every time they change or get rid of something I am sad. But, I doubt they could do much to cause me to not want to go back. :slight_smile:


Body Wars?!?

Instead, I’d trash the Tomorrowland Speedway off the top of my head. It takes up too much space, and it has no Disney magic at all.

As much as I personally dislike the time trap that is Dumbo, it would be just wrong to replace it.



I’d have to agree that Tomorrowland Speedway doesn’t have any of the magic that most other attractions do. I guess it could go.

I also agree that Body Wars isn’t exactly up to par anymore either. I don’t know if closing the pavillion would be in order though. If Body Wars could be totally re-done and the pavillion updated a bit more than it is now (yes, I know it was redone in the 1990s) I think it would be kosher. After all, Future World is sorta about learning, right? You gotta learn somewhere! :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Michael Darling
I’d have to agree that Tomorrowland Speedway doesn’t have any of the magic that most other attractions do. I guess it could go.

As an adult and being able to drive I have to agree with you. But I took my 5 year old nephew on a similar ride at the “Point” this past summer He loved it, had to do it again and others like it. Just seeing his face and hear him explain what it was all about was worth it. Plus it was nice to get off my feet for a few minutes.

I’m just trying to look at from a 5 year old perspective (I wish I was 5 again).