Which room to book at AKL?


I know this subject has been hashed to death…but I’m wondering about which type of room to book at AKL?

Booking a standard room vs. savannah view saves a significant amount of money on a week-long trip, and it’s hard for me to imagine paying that several hundred dollars for just a room’s “view”.

But the savannah view kind of ‘makes’ the experience, doesn’t it? :huh:

Help! I need thoughts/opinions/experiences.


I will be able to answer your question in 14 days! :happy: This will be our first stay at AK, so I’ll report back when I have done my in-person research :laugh:

I’m sure a more knowledgeable person will have an informed opinion…


:laugh: Thank you! I look forward to your firsthand account!


I’ve had both savannah and pool view rooms at AKL. The savannah view is nice and getting to see the animals that close is nice. However, there are savannah overlooks that are open to any and all guests and visitors if you don’t have, or don’t care to spend for, a savannah view room.
You’re still going to have to decide for yourself, but if money is that much of an issue, (and when isn’t it?) I’d book a standard or pool view room and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll get a magic upgrade to savannah view.


Thanks soundgod, your input helped a lot!

I think I will probably end up going with a standard room…DH doesn’t even want to book a deluxe because he complains that we “won’t spend any time in our room anyway”. So this is pretty much for me. If we don’t get upgraded and end up in a standard room, I don’t think it will be that huge of a deal to either of us.


Getting or not getting the upgrade shouldn’t be that big of a deal. The biggest selling points for AKL are it is the least costly of all the deluxes and it doesn’t share it’s buses with any other resort, something even the GF can’t say.


The bus thing is a REALLY good point, thanks! (Gives me more ammo against DH who wants POR. :laugh: I would love POR but I am just really set on AKL this time for some reason!)


POR?! 5 stops for all buses except to MK because all buses are shared with POFQ, except for MK buses, and even then sometimes they share that one as well. 4 stops in POR plus 1 at FQ.
All of the mods have 4 or more stops, as do OKW and SSR.
At least the deluxes only share 3 resorts at the most, and that’s the Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin line, the others only make two stops.


Yeah the bus thing is going to end up being a big deal…we had more than our share of waiting for/on buses when we lived in Southern California, and I think the price difference between POR and AKL is worth it for the transportation alone! DH may think he’s going to be a patient angel through multiple stops, but I know better. :dry:


I have stayed at POR and AKL and I have to pull for AKL on this one. We booked a standard room for our honeymoon and honestly I would have been thrilled if we would have been facing the parking lot. There is SO much else at AKL the view from the balcony was the least of my worries. However, we did get an upgrade…sort of. We ended up in one of the rooms that looked over the main lobby and had a view of the savanna…had I paid for a savanna room I would have been cranky because it wasn’t like I could walk right out and see animals…there marked territory ended about 30 feet from our balcony (while most savanna rooms back right up to the animals)…I could stand on a chair and happily see the animals…but I got a better view when we went to some of the “viewing spots” and they were so nice and quiet.
Buses at AKL were great, we had a bus to ourselves on time! Being located one floor above the lobby across from Boma I could smell delicious food from Boma ALL week long. However, to counter that I was never ever woken up by noise coming from the lobby at night or during an afternoon nap. The whole resort is sort of dark and romantic…ah it’s amazing!!
But POR is nice too! Dave and I got lucky here as well and we were put in one of the manor houses close to the riverside mill…which was great because it rained the entire time. We used the main bus stop so we never actually had to stop anywhere other than POFQ before we could get off…it was great!


If you are still undecided about the savannah room versus standard, if it’s your first time staying there, I would recommend the savannah, to get the entire package of this great resort. There’s nothing like getting the kids to sleep and then going out on the balcony, enjoying your favorite drink, watching the animals. Its very peaceful after a busy day in the parks. After your first visit, you won’t want to stay anywhere else, but can save some money by getting the standard view, cause you still get the benefits of the resort, and by then will know all the nooks and crannys where you can go to see the animals. And, twice we have been upgraded, so hopefully, that would happen to you also.


Kim, RENT POINTS!!! Stay at AKV in a Savannah View Studio for SIGNIFICANTLY less than renting a Standard View REGULAR ROOM! You will save a BUNCH of money that way!!!

I did the math…check out the price difference in my November trip:

We are staying in a Savannah View Studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you rented that same room online, it’s WAY over $355 a night. I got a quote for a REGULAR Savannah View room and it’s $355 a night! A studio is BIGGER than a standard room and you get the kitchen area. HUGE PLUS for us! I am going during a HOLIDAY week, and it’s approx $150 a night renting points. YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT!!! A much cheaper way to experience a Deluxe resort!


WOW that is an incredible deal! :eek: I definitely need to look into that - that’s amazing!


You know I love having your opinion, you are like my deciding factor in everything. :laugh: I’ve decided I’m not backing down on this AKL thing…I’m sure we’d love POR but I know we would love AKL even more!!


Ive stayed at both POR and AKL and it would definalty be AKL for me every time. We’ve never payed the estra for a savannah view room, only the standard and actually got a Savannah view twice! The Savannah view is pretty awesome, its really relaxing of a night, chilling out on the balcony, eating pizza and drinking coke after a long day at the parks. I became obsessed with doing just that, hanging off the balcony. Last time we were pretty much as close to the centre of the main savannah as you could get and it was amazing, we could even see some of the pens where they house the animals of a evening.
There is a ton to explore at AKL so even if you didnt get a savannah view room you wont be disappointed. There are several savannahs located through out the hotel that provide binoculars and rocking chairs to kick back and relax on, late evening they are extremly quiet and sans-kids so its really relaxing.
Make sure you go to Night Vision! Its on every night around 8pm-ish I think and they have these really amazing binoclars and you can get alot of really interesting nfo from the CM’s there. There is also storytelling around the firepit (Another great spot to chill out at of an evening) ((Oh and theres an indoor one too though I dont think it has storytelling))

That first feeling/impression you get when you first walk through the doors, it takes your breathe away everyday, the resort is just amazing, I could probably stare up at the ceiling in the lobby all day!

POR is a lovely resort, very tranquil and relaxing. It has a bit more ‘walk space’ than AKL and the river bank is great to wander/jog/bike up and down and I dore the boat ride to DTD. Its just all about what you’d prefer to get from your accom. AKL definatly doesn’t leave you feeling your in Florida, I always feel half way around the world there!