Which signature meal?


I really want to do a nice signature meal on my next trip. Which do u think? I do have 2 kids with me 8 and 5 so I was thinking hoop de do or Cinderellas castle… Please help me decide which is better and if anyone has pics please share…


We were there in 2002 when my daughter was 10. The view is very nice, good service, good atmospher, but the food was just average and not worth the cost. May be some fellow MBer’s who have been there lately can comment on how it is now.


Are u talking about CRT or Hoop de doo??


Is hoop dee do inside or outside??


If they are both girls I say CRT. but one of each Hoop Dee Doo Revue or Mickey BBQ


Thanks… both girls… sorry!!!


It’s inside and we love it. My DS(8) has been 3 times and he loves it more every time we go.


Hoop Dee Do is inside and it’s lots of fun! Food was good…and lots of it:blink:


Any meal where you can get Elvis’ signature would be a good one …


Sorry, CRT. We have done Hoop De Doo several times and every time it’s a great show; the kids and adults will love it. I would do the the Hoop De Doo instead of the castle, it’s a lot more fun!:laugh:


Hoop De Doo is food, singing, comedy, a complete show. Plus Fort Wilderness has plenty to see and do. CRT is ok food. Its 2 credits for the picture they give you. Doo the Revue!


Pahahahaha:laugh: :laugh:


I thik it will be hoop dee do!!! Thanks…


Great choice, I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.


TY! I figure we wont be checking into Disney till late on out first day and on the Last we get up early and go home so I can use the xtra service on the dining plan instead of the first night that we will be there.


I say whoop dee doo ! We have done the CRT breakfast before and it was not worth the $$ after the price increase but the WDD is fun and great food and you get unlimited sangria by the pitcher… If you rush out after you are done you can catch the fireworks at MK with a great buzz and you dont even have to drive…ya take the boat! WooHoo!!


I don’t have kids, so that view is out. CRT for breakfast, if your kids REALLY have to have princesses is the only reason anymore. I wouldn’t go for lunch or dinner. I haven’t done Hoop De Doo, but for the kids, I guess it’s a good thing. I could suggest a different way to go. You drew me into this thread because you wanted advice on a signature restaurant. If you want something for the kids, take them to Whispering Canyon, which is only one meal and very fun. As for your signature meal, teach the kids about better food. Use your 4 and the kid’s 4 meals for you and your wife and pay for the kids out of pocket, I’m sure they won’t eat the full three course meal. That way you can try one of these suggestions: Narcoossee, Citrico, California Grill, Yachtsman’s Steakhouse, Flying Fish, or Jiko.


Here’s my suggestion… if you use your 2 meal credits for a signature meal… you’ll have another day during which you are “missing” a sitdown meal…

I’d say book CRT and pay cash for your dinner there…then book Hoop De Do for your signature experience… I think you end up saving money that way and get to do both…

We did CRT last year for lunch and it was great…but not worth 2 credits… Last year it was not a sig. dining experience…


HDDR is another tradition with us and it’s a hoot. But with daughters, CRT is really sweet–it has all the Princesses (and the only guaranteed Cinderella).


Here’s a pic at CRT…