Which table service in the Studios


Please give me opinions on these restaurants and your suggestions from the menus. Thanks :laugh:


50s is the best i think- but we also like sci fi, milkshake and burger.


We just got back from 50’s Prime time and I was underwhelmed. I thought it would be better than I thought. The waiter did not do any playing like they usually do, no other waiter/waitress was either. The food, eh, it was just ok. I don’t know about any other of the places you mentioned. I am not a big fan of any restaurants in HS.


We’ve tried 50’s Prime Time and Mamma Melrose…I think of the two Mamma Melrose is the better choice; we’ve been there twice and had good meals both times.


I can’t vote on this one yet lol as hv is the only one I have been to. But I am trying syfy and 50’s on my upcoming trip so then I can lol


We love Sci Fi-yes the food’s not much to write home about, but the atmosphere is so much fun. We nearly always have the burger and shake too.


Mama’s by far for my family. HS restaurants severly lack in my opinion. We are leaving the park to eat this year and traveling back when we are done! Disney needs to bring new blood into this park. Mama’s makes a wood fired shrimp pasta that is delish, ask for it red!


I am trying the Sci-Fi diner this time. I haven’t been anywhere else. IT looks like fun and I am happy with a burger or sandwich.


Personally, none of them really knock my socks off…I went with 50’s Primetime - the food was pretty good and if you get a good waiter or waitress, it can be a lot of fun.


We ate 50’s PT and it was nothing great. Our waiter had a personality of a rock and barely spoke!! We loved Sci-fi for the atmosphere!! We had grilled chicken sandwiches and burgers and fries with milkshakes!! I think I had a cheesecake with all kinds of candy around it for dessert. We are returning to Sci-fi next month!! Happy choosing!!:laugh:


We’re doing SF and 50’s PT in Sept. We’ll let you know.:laugh:


Voted for 50’s for the fun. But DW likes MM when it is just the 2 of us.


I think being there during non peak times helps make the waiters fun at 50’s. I was there during October, and June (during a non busy time of day), and the waiters were hysterical. However, this time (JUne, at lunch)… there was little hanky panky going on. But there was a little…

Here is what happened-my dad knocked over the pepper, and the waiter brought him the dust pan and the broom, and said" I didn’t make the mess". We died laughing…

Then, the table across from us-the guy (60yo) kept putting his elbows on the table before the food arrived. The waiter kept reminding him, and he kept doing it. Finally, the waiter came over and using the ketchup-he squirted a line across the table so the guy could not put his elbows back on the table. It was hysterical.

Another time, the waiter made my daughter meet the kid at the next table and they had to sing “I’m a little tea pot” with the waiters help. They secretly loved it!


On your list, I voted for Sci Fi. It’s not bad, but the cars’ tables are a bit tight unless you’re in one of the 4 seat cars and not the divided front seat/back seat cars. I just can’t bring myself to do 50’s, no way I want to be disturbed by my waiter/ess. I have no need for the H&V breakfast buffet (don’t care about Playhouse Disney) and had dinner there once I guess 4 years ago. It wasn’t bad, but I just haven’t been compelled to try it again.
Mama Melrose’s menu hasn’t really called out to me in the past, but others like it. When it comes to Italian food on the dining plan, I really like Tutto Italia in Epcot.
Sorry, I’m one of many who seem to be uninspired by DHS dining options.


Do you have time to hop over to one of the Epcot resorts for dinner? Cape May is good if you like buffets. There are also several choices at Boardwalk, Swan, Dolphin, both causal and a little nicer.

We have been to Sci Fi and 50s PT several times each. The food is fine if you stick to the basics and know going in it isn’t 5 star. Service can be spotty at Sci Fi but the atmosphere is so unique it’s worth at least one trip.


Sorry, I’m one of many who seem to be uninspired by DHS dining options.[/QUOTE]

I totally agree. We usually do not have a table service meal in the studios, but we thought we would like to stay in the park this time. I really wish the dining choice would improve.


I went to 50’s Prime Time and had a good time. The food was was really good (but we hadn’t eaten all day so we were starving) and we had a really good waitress who kept in character until the very end when we asked her about her time in the college program. She was very sweet and prompt with her service. :slight_smile:


I would have voted for a different restaurant probably after every time I have ate at one the the 4 listed. I have had good experiences at all 4 along with good food and at times so so food and experiences. The best experience I have had was at Sci-Fi with my dk’s, they just loved it and they still have the frisbees that the food was served on.


I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Mama’s. Go for the sausage dish.


We went to Mama’s Melrose’s and didnt care for the food at all. We enjoyed the 50’s diner. The fried chicken dinner was fantastic!