Which Time Best For Cindys?


Okay…I need some help. I miscounted my days and booked late and could only get late seatings for breakfast at Cindys. I am a huge fan of touring plans and usually like to get started right at 9:00 but, this is kind of putting a kink in my plans. Would it be best to do a 9:20 breakfast (earlier time but, not so much time in MK prior to seating) or a 9:55 breakfast?? :confused:

What would you do? Looking for pros and cons…



Personally, I’d chose the earlier time. The crowds are lightest in the morning so I’d like to get out as early to take advantage of that. With that said I haven’t been to the breakfast…yet! I’m actually toying with fitting it in this year.

However, I have been to the lunch and know they have a special wishing ceremony that occurs ever now and then. We happened to be there for the ceremony out of luck. If that is something important to you (and/or your little ones) then you should find out which time slot will work better to fit that in. I think the ceremonies are like once an hour or once a half hour.

Hope this helps some.


Book the later breakfast so you can do some rides/attractions before the crowds pour in. You can always have something lite when you get up! :happy:


I think that I am leaning that way as well. The more I think about it the more I think that we could get quite a few of the “kiddie” rides done before breakfast. It will be our second day in that park so we should have already done all of the “big” stuff anyway. Now I have another worry though…I just checked the crowd level estimator and was very upset to find that it had changed!!! I booked my resv for this day b/c the Magic Kingdom was showing to be the best park to visit that day…now it is showing the AK!!! Crowd level is still showing a 5 though so, hopefully it won’t be too bad. I’m just messing this trip up every way I turn this time!!


They did the wishing ceremony when we were there 2wks ago for a 8:30am ADR. :happy: It was cute!


When are you going?

and I wouldnt bet on those crowd levels anymore, we just came back 10 days ago and the crowds were “supposed” to be light and they were heavy at times!!! :pinch: Dont worry so much about that. Get to the parks early every day to get a jump on things and you will be fine!!! Have lunch while the crowds are heavy or take a break and go back to the hotel, and then back to the park.
No worries, you will be at WDW!!! :happy:


We are going the first week of May. We go every other year at the same time and never have very heavy crowds until late in the day. Last year my then 5yo DD rode Space Mountain 24 times in a row…(yes, it was that slow!). We have always been fortunate…but, I always do a lot of research beforehand and try to follow the Unofficial Guide calendar and crowd level estimator…as well as the touring plans. I just haven’t been on my game this time. But…like you said, we will be at WDW and it isn’t like we haven’t seen and done everything there is to do…so, even if crowds are heavier it won’t be a complete loss. Thanks for the advice though…I think I’m just going to keep the later time and cancel my ADR for the 9:20am.


I always book the first seating at 8:05am on a nonEMH morning and 10am or after on an EMH morning. If MK is hosting EMH that day, definately do the 9:55am. IF they aren’t, try to book it for another day. By the time you get done with breakfast, the lines are going to be stupid long… you could also go there for breakast and then head to Epcot and just do the countries or something.


Well…that is what I try to do as well…but, one problem – they have NO other availability for the entire time that we will be there. I was able to get 3 different reservations but, they are all after 9:00. It’s my own fault for not paying attention to my days. Sooooo…if I want to go, I have to take one of the ones that I have…and, not going is NOT an option! LOL We have already planned on going to a different park on MK’s EMH morning so, I suppose we will probably just go with the later one so that at least we can get a few rides out of the way before we eat. I can send the DH for a fast pass before our seating time as well.
I just don’t have any other options right now…:frown:


It can still work out . Do a few FL attrsctions as soon as the park opens. You can easily do the major ones (dumbo, pooh, peter and phillarmagic) before the late breakfast at 9:55am. After breakfast, you can either get DH to get fast passes or just hop to Epcot and do the countries. Let the kids do the kidcot masks etc. or head to DTD and do the shops or even head to AK and do the animal trails. Tons of options here.


Well…one day they had two times for lunch available – I think it was for Wednesday May 7th…but, I didn’t check for lunch times specifically. We really LOVE the breakfast so, I mainly checked that. I always try to get the first seating as well but, I suppose we are going to be trying something different this year!!

Are you going to be there during the same time? I will be cancelling my breakfast reservations for May 8 & 9 if u are interested in trying for them. All of the other days that week are gone.

Dana – thanks for the optimism…you make me feel better!! I have been feeling like such the bad mom this time for messing it up!! (That’s what happens when the family leaves ALL the trip planning up to you!! :blink: LOL)


You are so sweet to care so much about how your trip gets put together! Don’t feel bad, though, because it will all work out!


You really might want to try the lunch. You still get Cindy and all her princess pals, but it fits better with your touring time.


Thanks everyone…I’m really trying and I am doing my best to be optimistic!!! I’m just a habitual worry wart!!! LOL

You know…I honestly thought about the lunch…but, my DH is terribly addicted to the stuffed french toast and wanted nothing to do with the lunch menu!! LOL!!! :laugh: He’s just gonna have to deal with a little bit longer lines…!