Which tour?


ok i just went on the disney site{ for the millionth time], which tour out of all of them do you suggest. we cant really do more then one so which one?


Really depends on your interests. “Keys to the Kingdom” is neat behind the scenes look and takes 1/2 day. (It’s adults only…don’t want to spoil any of the magic for the kids.)


I’d choose either Keys to the Kingdom, Backstage Safari, or one of the Epcot tours (World Showcase or Future World). I’ve been on the Backstage Magic tour (the 7-hour gig), and it wasn’t worth the money–even with a discount.


i am not all that interested in behind the scenes. i do not want to ruin the magic. I am not sure what is done on what tour.


This site gives you detailed descriptions as well as reviews from folks who’ve been on the tours.


perfect thanks bunches :tongue:


If you don’t want to ruin the magic, you probably don’t want any of the current tours. They all feature lots of time backstage. Perhaps the least are Wild By Design at Animal Kingdom and Magic Behind the Steam Trains at Magic Kingdom. Then there’s always the premium Dolphins in Depth where you swim with dolphins in The Living Seas or the scuba diving experience diving the Living Seas aquarium and all the diners in The Coral Reef can wave hi.


Just as a quick side note, you do have to be PADI dive certified to do the DiveQuest (swimming in the living seas by the Coral Reef). DH did it last year and loved it!


We’re doing the family magic tour with the little ones, which I hear is a great one to do with kids!! Plus, only 2-2 1/2 hours long, so not the whole day!


RUN - as fast as you can - in the opposite direction of Keys to the Kingdom. Trust me - there ain’t no magic behind the scenes of the MK. Just the most boring tour known to man. AND it’s 4 hours long. The only good part of it is lunch. :dry: (I discovered the tuna sandwich at Columbia Harbour House).

We did the one hour Living with the Land tour in March. It was interesting, fun and fast.


I can tell you, one of the best things I ever did was to go on the Segway tour! We got to cruise around the World Showcase before it opened and got some fabulous pictures.

And it was so much FUN!!! I can’t wait to do it again.


I’ve done the following tours and loved every minute of them

Backstage Safari (1/2 day AK)
Backstage Magic (full day Epcot, MGM, MK)
Dolphins in Depth (1/2 Epcot in Living Seas)

I would do any and all of these tours again if I had the chance. I find that they don’t spoil the magic at all, I find that they actually enhance the magic for me. The thing that can make or break a tour is the tour guide. We had fantastic guides for all three tours. Warning though, with the Dolphins in Depth tour you don’t actually SWIM with the dolphins. You do get in the tank with them but you spend the time standing on a underwater platform and the trainers/researchers show you what the dolphins can do and you do get to have your picture taken with one of them. And they do warn you that the dolphins participate of their own choosing, they don’t force them to do anything.

We’ll be doing the Yuletide Fantasy Tour when we’re there this Nov/Dec. Can’t wait for that one. Disney + Christmas, what more could a person ask for. :biggrin:


If you have children not old enough for the other tours, the Family Magic Tour is a lot of fun. You are sent on a treasure hunt through all the lands, following a map and a CM guide. I am not going to say anything else as not to spoil it. There is a scheduled break at one point but it is only about 2-3 hours. Well worth it with kids, or even to be a kid yourself again.


no kids this time jsut us for our anniversary. i looked at that one, hubby would like the dolphin one. i do not swim so it isnt for me.


The more I think about it, Wild by Design at Animal Kingdom is probably your best bet, as long as it’s schedule fits yours. There’s always Lunch with an Imagineer I guess.


we decided on the dolphin one at epcot. it does not involve swimming and is net an all day thing. we are also doing the mini one at the land pavilion.


You’ll be amazed at how powerful those animals feel when they let you touch them. The older dolphins can be attention hogs too, if you’re lucky.


I personally really enjoyed the Keys to the Kingdom tour. I haven’t done it, but I would think the Segway tour would be fun. I also really want to do the swimming with the Dolphins tour at that ? Cove place. Doesn’t require scuba certification and would be really cool.