Which Travel Agent is Best


So, we’re thinking about an Easter 2010 trip with our 3 kids (6yo twins and a 4 yo). Ideally we’d like to squeeze into the Contemporary so that we’re on a monorail.

In the past we’ve always booked our vacations directly with Disney, but in order to keep costs down we really want to power-shop and take advantage of every code/discount/whatever we can.

I’m curious about your recommendation for the various Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. Several of them promise to apply newly-released codes to existing reservations, but I’d like to know who does it best.

Also, how does AAA stack up? I’ve heard that they have some offers that may not be available elsewhere?


I use Small World Vacations and they seem to really be on top of the codes and looking for the best deal for your situation.


This site is owned by Mouseketrips. There are a lot of members that have used them and have very good things to say about the service.


Mouseketrips is definitely on our list to call this week.


Mouseketrips. They are great, accessible and are on the ball with all the codes.




I’ve used Mouseketrips and Small World Vacations and was very happy with both.


I am going to throw the CURVE. I am with Magical Memories Travel and I feel that all the agencies do a GREAT job on here. The simple fact being, the agents on here LOVE DISNEY. We all got into it because we love to make everyone’s trip Magical and fun. SO I feel that however you chose, you will not go wrong.


We’ve used MOuseketrips!!


I have been using Magical Journeys…Terrisue. She has always been able to apply discounts for us before we even know about them. She also checks dining reservations for us . Definitely recommend her.


Thanks to all. I’ve heard back from Mouseketrips, Magical Journeys and AAA that none of them can book anything until Disney releases the 2010 rates (hopefully in just a couple of weeks).

That’s gotta be true since I’m hearing it from everyone, but it seems pretty screwed up that you can book directly but they won’t open things up to TAs.


While you can technically book directly, what Disney doesn’t tell you is that you’re still not able to book a package or get the exact price. What happens is that Disney opens up room-only bookings a little less than 2 years in advance. So you can book your room, but they’ll tell you that the rate is not guaranteed and won’t be until the rates for the year of your travel are released. Then when package rates are released you have to call back and get the adjusted room rate and convert the reservation from room-only to a package.

Most folks don’t find it to be worthwhile to book rooms before the rates are released because the total cost is not confirmed, the conversion from oon-only to package isn’t done automatically, there’s changing and switching around of the deposits, and it’s more of a pain than it’s worth.

Just ask whichever travel agent you decide on to put you on their list to be contacted when the 2010 rates come out and they should take care of everything for you from there.


The CM we spoke too was actually pretty clear about the fact that he couldn’t quote us the actual price we’d be paying since those rates haven’t come out yet.

I suppose the only advantage there is is that you can lock in a room at the resort of your choice early on if you’re afraid that room for that week might get booked up if you wait until that year’s rates are released.


I never use a TA. I always book everything myself. I always get to apply any codes to my reservation and I usually come out ahead.


I’ve never used Mousetrips (I have DVC) but they are a Disney ONLY travel agency.

That should speak volumes.


There are a few very good travel planners out there and they all do a good job of finding the best rate and applying it. They also provide their service for free so why not use them. I have never been impressed with booking straight with Disney and most of the time I have I have gotten wrong information or they have made a mistake. I would rather find someone I trust and let them take care of my plans. I personally have been using Magical Vacations and they have always gone above and beyond for me and anyone I have referred to them. I now even promote them on my web site (no I don’t get paid by them) because I know I can trust sending my readers to them. They will tell you what the best deal is and I have even had friends tell me that they told them to use AAA instead of them because they had the best rate at the time. Also they have helped me plan my Tikifest parties through a different division of Disney and that relationship they have with that group now has gotten them some exclusive rates on places like the Polynesian, Contemporary, GF, Beach Club, AKL, Treeehouse Villas and Bay Lake Towers. The rates they get for these places are so low that Disney won’t allow them to post them on their site but I got a more then 50% savings on rooms I have booked with them. They even have rooms for 2010 already that they purchased already so the rate can’t go up when prices for next year are announced.