Which two out of three... Biergarten, Rose and Crown, or 1400 Park Fare?


Thank you all for your earlier comments regarding my restaurant choices, they were so helpful! It is also nice that you are all so welcoming to newby’s like me!
Making my ADR’s tomorrow morning. Have most things set, but am trying to decide between Biergarten, Rose and Crown, and 1900 Park Fare (dinner). 6 yr old DD and 4 yr old DS. Itinerary for the two days I’m trying to decide on is as follows…

Day A
EMH @ MK in morning. Lunch at counter service in MK. Afternoon rest time at POFQ. Dinner at ???. Wishes fireworks.

Day B
Lazy morning. Boat from POFQ to DTD for shopping. Lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express. More shopping and rest time. Dinner at ???. Illuminations.

I originally wanted to do Rose and Crown for the view of illuminations, but is it really worth it?? Which ones would my kids be most likely to enjoy?

Here is the rest of my itinerary if that would help.

Arrive @ noon. Magic Express to POFQ. Straight to MK for splash mountain (not my ideal, but DD insists on advice of many friends). Dinner at Chef Mickey’s. Sleep!
EMH @ AK. Lunch at Flame Tree. Only must do’s at AK are the safari, Nemo show, bird show, and kali rapids. Early return to POFQ for rest and swimming. Dinner at Boatwright’s.
EMH @ Epcot. Late breakfast @ Akershus. Soarin, test track, and nemo stuff. Lunch–snack around the world :slight_smile: Dinner at resort.
Breakfast @ Crystal Palace 8:00. MK rides in morning. 11:00 BBB for DD (for her 6 1/2 birthday!) Lunch in park. More rides. Dinner at resort.
EMH @ MK. Lunch in MK. Afternoon rest/swimming. Dinner ?. Wishes.
Lazy morning. DTD. Wolfgang express. Dinner ?. Illuminations.
Breakfast @ Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine. DHS. Evening at POFQ.
Fly home early :sad:

Thank you for any advice you have!


Ahhh… tough choice!

It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve eaten at Biergarten. I recall it being sort of like a dinner show. I don’t recall how entertaining it is… I do remember being seated with strangers.

Rose and Crown Pub is great… but it might be more enjoyable for an older crowd. They have very cute English waitors and hosts… :wub: It’s a great view of Illuminations (that can be difficult to come by), and what better way to pass the time before than by eating? :laugh: If you don’t want to have to stake out a spot along the lagoon and straddle to hold it (yes, I’ve done that and felt so stupid :pinch:) while a family member goes to get food or use the restroom, then this is a great alternative.

Definitely keep 1900 Park Fare with the kiddos. It’s a great choice.

Like always, it really depends on what you’re looking for in your vacation. If you want dinner entertainment (and not much conversing), then Biergarten is for you. But if you want a great fireworks spot, go with Rose and Crown (but keep in mind that you might not be seated by the lagoon - be sure to request it, and if you aren’t, you can still go out to the patio and watch).

Have fun at WDW! :happy:


You sound like DD and I would choose Rose & Crown and 1900 Park fare


Rose & Crown and 1900 sounds like tour best bet. with the kids


1900 Park Fare – if you think you’d like to take a relaxing break from the parks.

Biergarten – the kids will be able to dance and have a great time if you book during the performance times. Food is great.

Rose & Crown – If you’d like to be in a great spot to view fireworks afterward.


Our family prefers the Biergarten and 1900 Park Fare. When the kids were younger (now too cool 14 yr olds) they loved to dance at the Biergarten, now they actually enjoy sitting with strangers & meeting new people. Last time we had a group of exchange students with their teacher from Ohio and met teenage boys from all over the world…they still talk about that meal. We just visited 1900 PF for the 1st time on Christmas night and all of the kids in our party loved it. Lots of interaction with the characters and wonderful food. We’ve only visited R&C once, the service wasn’t so great but the food was good. We were seated outside, but not in view of the Illuminations.


I would recommend 1900 Park fare. I am not sure if you have already done your Adr’s for this one yet? It can be very busy and you do ( if memory serves me right?) have to leave a credit card for this in case you don’t show up…but It definatly is a feast and great interaction.


I just love the view of Illuminations from R&C. I think it is totally worth going there.


If I had to pick 2 out of the 3, it would be R&C, and 1900 PF. The food at R&C, is just OK, but the view makes up for it. Especially during the fireworks! 1900 PF is just such a great buffet with a great character interaction (dinner) do not know about the breakfast.


Well, personally, I’d have to vote Biergarten - but I was raised on German food, so it’s like going back to my childhood. One exception, my mom’s spatzle is far better.


If you go to R&C, be sure to tell them you would like a view of the fireworks and would like to sit outside. They will accomodate you if they can. If they can’t, they of course have no problem with you going outside to watch. Then you can come back in and finish dessert!

I think you have all of your ADR’s, but if you want to combine and ADR with Wishes, Ohana is very good. You can have dinner and then walk out to their beach to watch. It’s a great view and they pipe in the music. Having said that, there’s no better place to watch than with the crowd on Main Street. Stay for Mickey’s kiss goodnight if you can!


Day A dinner at 1900 Park Fare & Day B dinner at Biergarten.


Thank you for everyone’s input. I got all my ADR’s this morning, and we decided to go with Rose and Crown simply because where we live (Oklahoma) there are several good German restaurants, but I’ve never heard of an English pub anywhere near here. Plus, most of our choices are character meal buffets, and DH and I would like at least one place that is more adult. The night we do 1900, we have an early dinner, then we thought we’d let the kids play on the beach before heading back to MK to catch wishes from main street. I’m so excited!!


That’s great you got what you wanted! 1900 Park Fare has a great selection for adults as well as kids (and wonderful desserts…try the cold strawberry soup! It’s awesome!)

When are you going?


We will be there from May 10-May 17. It is the first trip for all of us (I went to DL when I was 8, but never WDW). DH and I thought our kids were both finally old enough to enjoy the trip (6 and 4). We are so excited!!!


Hey, if you like a pub atmosphere, R&C is really cool. If you imbibe at the bar, you WILL be drinking with some Brits.