Which Value Resort


We are planning a trip in December of 07 and are about to book our hotel… Which one out of the value resorts would you say is the best. We will have three children ages 5,7,11 and 6 adults- Thanks for the help


Hm…That’s a question in which you’re going to receive a variety of answers. Pop Century is definitely the newest, but all of the All-Stars are in great condition as well. All fair pretty equal on busses, for even though Pop has it’s own busses, the All Stars are grouped so close it truly doesn’t matter. Mostly it’s going to come down to a question of theming. I would suggest sitting down with several members of those who are going and pictures of each value. One of the themes will probably strike most members more than another.

I’m partial to All Star Music, but I think it’s because it was the first hotel we stayed at on Disney property…that and I’m a music NUT!

Many people will say different things, but I say go with what theming is most appealing. You can’t lose any way you go.

Something else, you might want to check the price comparison between All Star Music vs the rest. Since you have 9 people in your party, that means 3 rooms unless you use the Family Suites at ASMu (with a suite room and a regular room) I don’t know how this will compare pricewise, but it’s worth looking at. In fact, if I remember correctly (someone more moderate savvy help me on this one) I believe some of the moderates can accomodate 5 per room…so 2 rooms at a moderate might be cheaper than 3 at a value. I would run a price comparison for you, but Disney’s booking engine was down last time I checked (which is a shame! I’m actually booking something this time around, not just dreaming!)


I agree! It really does come down to theming and what everyone will want. Personally - AllStar Movies, it just feels more Disney to me.


Pop Century is in a different county than the ALL-Stars are,and so its room taxes are slightly cheaper. Also,as a newer resort,I think it is better maintained.


I have only stayed at Pop Century and enjoyed it very much.


I think All Stars Movies is perfect for kids!! I stayed at the Sports and it was nice too.


Our family has stayed at the AS music and movies. We prefer the movies by far, but all are a great value!


We just got back from Pop Century. I was very impressed!!! It was soooo clean, as I’m sure the others are as well.


We have stayed at All-star Sports, Movies and Pop Century and enjoyed all of them. It did seem to us that the time spent on the bus was reduced on the return trip to Pop Century. Also watch the Cast Members for an unexpected thrill at the food court and check in counter when the “The Hustle” is played as background music at Pop Century!