Which water park for kids?


I know this has been ask before but what which would you recommend for kids? Ages will be 5 and 3?


Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels, TX. Oh wait, this is Disney:tongue:

Well, that’s hard to say because they both have something for everyone. DH and I both prefer BB because of the family ride + kids loved to look at the snowmen melting as well as riding the ski lift. But, the lagoon at TL rocks!


When we took our son at 3 he loved both, but seemed to have more fun at TL. We will have to see which one he likes best at 5.


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;968207]Schlitterbahn, New Braunfels, TX.


OMG! Schlitterbahn! :heart:


I think it is easier to keep track of kids in the kiddie area at Blizzard Beach. They both seem to offer the same sort of slides, but I feel BB is easier for 1 person to watch 2 kids at in the kiddie area.


I found my kids loved the wave at TL, rather than the bobbing along. Plus there seems to be more shade for little feet at TL.


We prefer TL for our kids. They can play at the start of the wave pool without being overcome by the large waves. The kiddie area is a lot of fun and all our kids love the kiddie tube slide, they all did it for the first time when they were only 18months old, and our DS, now 6yrs, still enjoyed it this year (although it is probably the last time he would fit). Also the family ride is a little more tame at TL for smaller kids. We found the kiddie area at BB fun, but a lot of the slides didn’t have enough water coming down and our kids were getting stuck half-way and we had to climb/reach to pull them down. We found the rest of BB still too old for our kids, now aged 2/4/6.


I think TL works better for little kids because there definately seems to be more shade and the the kiddie area is a little better for the younger kids.


We :heart: TL the best!


I have always wanted to go there. We have been in South TX several times, just never when the park is open. We’ll get there sometime.


I haven’t voted, I think they would both be equally fun. Both have a nice area for little ones.


Both are great but I would suggest TL.


Our family has always seemed to favor TL. BB is just too sunny and many of the slides are for older children. We just love the theming at TL…I live up north so I don’t find snowmen to be too appealing.


I feel like its a toss up between the two but TL might have a slight edge over BB because of the wave pool. To be honest you can’t go wrong with either park.


I second that!:laugh: Our kids enjoyed both, but I’d say for small children TL is a little better. The children’s area was a little more fun for them, and they enjoyed the wave pool. Also, I find the bright sun reflecting off of all of that fake white snow at BB to be a little blinding at times!:blink:


I think we have decided to try both. The girls love water parks so will let them see which they like better. On a side note what has been done with the property where the third water park was located?


Hard to say, both great.

Better kiddie pool at TL (if you have small children)
More thrills at BB
More shade at TL
Wave pool at TL!


Hmm, tough choice. Both water parks are great and have very unique feels. BB is great because of the theme and the huge variety of slides. TL has a much more relaxed feel and seems a bit more mellow. I went with BB, but honestly you can’t go wrong with whatever you decide.