Which water park?


If you have never been to either of the water parks and you had to pick one of them ot visit, which would you choose and why???


My family loves Typhoon Lagoon because of the big wave pool. :smile:


We would pick blizard beach.


I’ve never been. I’ll pick Blizzard Beach. Reason: Typhoon Lagoon is closed for refurbishment! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


If you are going in March, check to see which park is open then. I’m pretty sure both parks are usually open in the warm months.

Love them both, but if you need to choose just one, and you are from Florida, go ahead and pick BB – it will be fun to see the winter/snow theming!

Our fave is TL, but part of it is definitely because we live way up north, and so we get to Florida and just want to hang out by palm trees!


Even though it has been years since we have been to the water parks, would vote for BB. As miss Disney said, if you live in Fl, to see snow is so cool. IMHO, the slides are better there. Summit Plumit was just awesome.


Same here…:smile:


I pick BB, mostly because I think the slides are better and the themeing is better too. Teamboat Springs is my favorite!


Oh man…do I have to pick just one?? I like them both. :sad:


Typhoon Lagoon because of 1. Shark Reef (very cool!!), 2. Wave pool (very very cool!), 3. Theming


Typhoon Lagoon all the way! I think it’s lazy river is alot better and I love the wave pool soooo much I could spend a whole day in there alone!
Does TL have the crush n gusher? Thats fantastic!


I would pick BB because of the theming!!!


The idea of snow - even fake - does not appeal to me. I have to deal with enough of the real stuff.

We LOVE TL - for the lazy river, the wave pool and the gorgeous tropical atmosphere.


Other than the Typhoon Lagoon’s Crush ‘n’ Gusher water coaster (3 different slides), which has no duplicate in WDW, I prefer the collection at Blizzard Beach more.
If I want palm trees, all I have to do is look outside.


Typhoon Lagoon for us b/c it has the water coaster, wave pool, and shark reef!


I love Typhoon Lagoon not only for the theme, but the shade from the trees is better in a hot Florida sun.


Can I ask someone to describe the shark reef for me???