Which WDW Ride Do You Catch a Quick Nap On?


A comment made by MerlinMatt on another post got me wondering…Which ride do you usually catch that quick nap on? Carousel of Progress? Spaceship Earth? Journey Into Imagination? Maybe another one?

My family always seems to lose the battle on CoP and if you look around, one of us will always have their eyes closed. Especially my brother-in-law!


The Tomorrwland Train is always good for catching a few Zs


Unfortunatly with taking two kids ages 5 and 8 months, DH and I don’t get to sneak in any naps. But Spaceship Earth used to put my DD to sleep really fast! And the only thing that worked to put DS to sleep this past trip were the buses!! :laugh:


I know its not a “ride”, but we always joke that our special nap place is the Hall of Presidents.


I have to admit I have ‘closed’ my eyes on Spaceship Earth but not for too long!


The Tomorrowland People Mover, ahhhhh, I love that breeze & smooth ride. On a hot long day I could sit on it & doze off the whole ride. Also, the train. Sometimes we’ll get on in Frontierland and just ride around the whole park several times 'cause were too lazy or sleepy to get off. :laugh:


I find EE to be very peaceful. Great place for a nap…then there are all the park benches in between Africa and Asia in AK…

NAP at WDW are you kidding me! That is what work is for (resting up between trips).


I’ve been known to close my eyes on Small World a time or two. Pirates and the Pooh Bear ride have been known to lull me into a relaxed state also.


I forgot to mention those rainforest booths in AK (Conservation Station) where the sound proof booth closes & the lights go out. You listen to rainforest sounds on the headphones. Ahhhh, that is DEFINATELY one of my favorite nap spots. When the area is empty I keep telling Daniel to ‘reset the button’ so I can keep my eyes closed. :laugh:


DH has been known to catch some ZZZ’s in the Hall of Presidents or American Adventure. Our kids have fallen asleep during the Walt Disney movie at the Studios. Is that still there?


Tower of Terror.

But those inconsiderate people screaming just REALLY ticks me off. :laugh:

I always TRY to snooze ISAM but it always turns into a nightmare. :eek:


When we were there in Septemeber DD5 fell asleep during wishes :blink::blink: AND we were sitting on the bridge between main st & tomorrowland so its not like we were far away

THEN…later in the week, she fell asleep during Fantasmic:blink::blink: fireworks must be soothing to her?!


Ellen’s Universe of Energy - get the pun there? and the Living with the Land ride - actually, I have never been on either, but my DH napped big time on both!


SE, HoP, AA… DW has given me the ‘stop snoring’ elbow too many times.


Like many others - American Adventure. I cannot stay awake.:closedeye


After already having been on Living with the Land, 3 times in 4 days, the 4 time was a charm for me. :sleeping:


Hall of Presidents- never again


I like to close my eyes in Lion King at Epcot.


The 2 best places for me were Playhouse Disney on a bench way in the back and Sounds Dangerous, no sound,nice and dark! Also, try the water fountain in Epcot near the ice cream place, the water will lull you to sleep…or make you have to pee !:whistling


The Tiki Room. Really.