Which website is the best?


This shouldn’t be hard but it’s for kicks. I have nothing to do and my pinky figure keeps falling asleep on me :laugh:


I don’t trade pins but DC ROCKS!!!


I do trade pins but DC ROCKS!!!


I do trade pins but DC ROCKS!!!

(Tigger’s Bounce!)


I think I see a trend starting here… :biggrin:


Hahah go Disneyhog! We’re the hip trendsetters of DC =D!


You know it, but don’t say it out loud. The others will get jealous. :biggrin:


Oh yes we wouldn’t want that happening now ;).


Duh!!! :dry:


I’m jealous.


Lol nooooo they’re on to us! :o


Y’all’s giant signatures are giving me a headache.


but you have to love a giant PIRATE PRINCESS TESSA LOL

besides your avatar is making me dizzy :tongue: (jk I actually am in love with the colour scheeme of it)


Erin, you’re right they are


I love Tessa the DC Pirate :c)


HEHE, before I even read that Erin I was thinking the SAME thing!!! BRing it down a few notches there boys :wink:

Oh, and I voted DisneyCentral b/c I don’t pintrade. Even if I did, I’d probably still vote DC b/c I love it here. :wub:


Never! Mwuahhhhhhh! Big font! =P