Which week would you recommend for spring?


Considering crowds only, which week in late spring would you recommend? When do “out of school for the summer” crowds start? I know Easter break is crazy, but what about a few weeks later? We have a small chance of a trip, so we should at least start to think about a few things. Thanks


I really like the first two weeks of May. Crowds are light to moderate, the weather is great.

It depends when Easter falls but as a rule the first part of May is great and the second part gets a little tricky with the crowds and weather.


Last May we went May 14th through the 21st and had a great time, the crowds were low and the weather was perfect. But on the last weekend there were groups of kids and schools there for a end of the year trip I guess, it wasn’t too bad but the wait times definitely increased. We moved our trip up one week this year to avoid this. We’ll be there May 5th through the 16th. Maybe I’ll see ya there!


Maybe. We got APs for our 14 day Dec trip, thinking that would be the only time it would be used. But we have some credit on SW that needs to be used by 7/15. So we were thinking in order to not waste the 250 on SW, maybe we should shoot for a trip in May. Makes sense, right? In order to not waste money, we should spend more!!


I agree, I would hate to loose those credits myself.


Yes, absolutely. This makes perfect sense to me!


I would like to go in the spring time too. But not sure which week either.
I too want to go when the crowds are low, the weather is beautiful (meaning NO RAIN!!) and the hotels aren’t too expensive (ie peak season).
I was thinking end of April or beginning of May might be a good time… ???


I love the end of May …the Flower and Garden festival is beginning at Epcot and it is just so beautiful …in the past the crowds have grown a bit during this time though …still I think it is worth it and the crowds are nothing like they were last week!!!


From all that I have read, the begining of May should be a great time to go.
We go every May, usually towards the end of the month, this year we are trying out the beginning of May.


I have always heard the early to mid-May was a great time to go. I know here where I live schools don’t get out unitl around June 2nd or so.


If I had a choice I would choose cooler weather, but if we go, it has to be by 7/15. I was thinking early May would be after Easter, before most schools let out, and maybe not to hot. Rain doesn’t bother me. Last trip we had rain several days of rain but with the world famous cheap ponchos and a small umbrella, it was ok. The reason for the unbrella is I hate rain on my glasses.


Early May is nice :c) I love those Spring time days here in Fl.

Glad to know rain doesn’t stop you jo-jo! It’s a great way for the park to get emptied out quick, isn’t it? Don the poncho, flip up the umbrella! It is time to ride some rides! LOL!


DW and I spent our anniversary in March and it was awesome. The weather was increadible! The lines were minimal. Great time.


I went the last weekend in May, and one weekend it was REALLY crowded at MK. Other than that, it was a GREAT time to go! I think it was Gay Pride Weekend at MK??


Long time no post, but I too am planning a trip in the spring and was checking for this exact information! I’m glad to hear that the first week in May is good cause that is when we are looking at being at the MK!!!


We’re also planning on going 5/4-5/10, but still waiting for SWA to run some specials & the Best Rate Program to extend & include the days!


May is definately the best time to go. We went two years in a row from 5/10-5/21/04 and 5/11-5/22/05. Weather is awesome, mid to high 80’s during the day and 70’s at night. Flower & Garden Festival is going on, along with Star Wars weekends starting towards the end of the month. Weather is great for the water parks and crowds are pretty low. There are class trips from local schools at this time of year, but they aren’t that bad. Mostly see them in EPCOT and AK. Longest wait time for a ride was probably 20 minutes. We used FP a few times, Test Track and Splash Mt. Both trips didn’t even see much rain at all, I think once at night and that was it.

We use to go in the fall and decided never to go again at that time. We love May!!!


Keep an eye on AT (AirTran) they offer great rates as well. I flew the family down to Orlando from MD for $49 and & $79 for the return trip.


Theres a lot of us going the first 2 weeks of May! It’s my favorite time to go!


We decided to go the 2nd week in May based solely on the advice from DC’ers!!! Thanks! (did I already post that??) Oh, well! :wub: