Which World Showcase country


…do you like the least and why?


I LOVE them all but if I HAD TO pick a least favorite it would be China. I am not too into the food in the pavillion and the stores to me are just kinda “ehhh.” Beautiful landscaping though.




I’m dissapointed in the presentation of the US. There is so much that could be spotlighted. DH and I have said that they should showcase American food and music like southern BBQ and Memphis blues, Texas twang and bbq beef, home cooked soul food with Georgia mountain music. We could make the place awesome!


We just returned from DW and while I love the showcase, the whole EPCOT park and showcase is rapidly becoming dated. I chose Mexico as my least favorite because it is extremely dated. The history boat ride has film that looks like an old Elvis movie. PLEASE update the showcase!!


I choose China…I love all of World Showcase.


I can agree with that. There is ALOT more to America than funnel cakes and hot dogs. They do a lot of wonderful things on the stage across from the Pavillion but the possibilities would be ENDLESS if they took space to honor all sorts of regional US cultures. it’s a beautiful pavillion but i DEFINATELY think updating it would be fabulous.


I chose the United States. It doesn’t have great representation of the diverse culture and the food is blah.


I choose Italy because there is really nothing of interest to us there. It is one of those countries I would love to visit but nothing to draw me to the WDW version. I would have selected Mexico but it was saved by the Margaritas!!


I chose China, but I do agree that the USA could be represented a little better !


I desperately want all the movies to be updated. Some of them date back to the opening of EPCOT, I believe, which mean the images of the countries are about twenty-five years out of date. :eek: Filmed at about the time disco was starting to go out of fashion. Filmed before the average citizen had a personal computer. The whole world has changed so much since then!

I think the US food part is dull, but the audio-animatronic show is still very good. I think the food in the rest of the countries is very good. :happy:



French people smell funny …


This is probably going to seem strange but I choose my own country of Canada. Our pavilion needs serious revamping and the movie…don’t even get me started. That movie is so old that the office building my mother works in (which is the tallest office building in Toronto) hasn’t even been built yet.

The American Pavilion is actually one of my favourites. I love the American Adventure and after doing the Backstage Magic tour where we got to see behind the scenes of this pavilion I have a whole new appreciation for it. I can’t wait to hit this pavilion on my next trip.


France…I’ve never had much desire to look around in there.


I heard a couple years ago Disney had approached Canada about putting in a river raft ride based on Brother Bear…Those 360’s are getting a little long in the tooth.


I mean, when you think, “the toddlers in this film are now, in many cases, with children of their own… people not yet born when this film was made are now college graduates… anyone over a certain age is probably dead…” eee. And I would think it would be quite easy to do new films at a relatively low cost, though if it is dependent on the tourism board of each country, they may not consider it important enough.

Another factor is how much easier to travel it is now than in 1982, how easy it is to access more info on one’s own on the internet, and so on – so more and more people will be able to recognize how painfully out of date those films are.



France, I’m not interested in the food and I don’t really care much for the culture I guess. I like the rest, but Canada is my next to least fav. It sounds like I just hate French speaking people, lol, but it’s not true.


Morocco, cause I just don’t care.


So far I’ve only seen two of the countries, and I love them both.


Actually my brother is an editor for a Satellite TV company up here and he told me his boss went down to EPCOT to see the movie and has gotten a whole whack of new footage except they don’t want it as a circlevision but Disney won’t budge on that. Or something along those lines. He told me a while ago so I could be getting mixed up but I do know they were working on footage for a new movie for the pavilion.