Which would you choose for your 10th anniversary?


Okay so DH and I will be married for 10 years in March 2009. We honeymooned in WDW so there is no other option in our minds for our 10 year anniversary. DH asked me which resort on the monorail I would want to stay in, I said Poly BUT it just makes me physically ill to think about spending that kind of $$. It would be much cheaper to rent points for a studio at a DVC property. Note: The kids are going with us so romantic atmosphere doesn’t really matter.


I would choose the Poly if it were without kids, but since there are kiddos involved, I voted for AKV…I think they would love the animals.


My vote is for AKL also. I think that is wonderful for both adults and kids.


I just have to vote for AKL. It is stunning.


Now I have never stayed at any of these places, the AKV would be my pick. The Poly just does nothing for me.


First… I too was married in '99 and honeymooned in WDW.

Second…I would choose AKL concerige level. Kinda adds something special but still appropriate for the kids.



You can’t get more romantic then the Polynesian, so just go for it!


In my case, it’s which resort did I choose for my 10th anniversary.
Poly Concierge, plus a surprise vow renewal at Sunset Point on the Poly’s grounds.

By the way, a garden view room at the Poly isn’t much more expensive than a studio at Beach Club anyway.


I voted Other…stay off property in a nice house and that way since the kids are along you can have your Anniversary romance/privacy. :wub:


Well, I was going to say go to Hawaii. :laugh: But, I understand your reasons since you went to WDW for your honeymoon. The Poly is the next best thing to Hawaii so that is what I picked.


I also said the Poly. Hey, it’s only your 10th anniversary once, right?


Poly because of the monorail.


Love the Beach Club/Yacht Club/Boardwalk area. Can’t get enough of it. Wish I were there right now…


Hard choice, but with kids I would go to the AKL villas, more room and more for the kids to do!


With the kids I would say AKV too! I really loved the conveinence of the Poly but I am not sure it was worth the extra $$$$$!! :dry: We have never been back solely because of that, it is a great resort but I still could spend that money somewhere else and stay cheaper:excl: We also DO NOT spend very much time in the room so we go for moderates on our stays.

Also I really would love to try any of the AK resorts, so that sounds perfect!:flowers:


Not so. The standard rooms at the Poly are significantly bigger than AKL and WL unless you start getting involved in one bedroom and two bedroom villas.


Technically there are 4 AK resorts. AKL and the three All Stars. And you sure don’t see any animals at the All Stars.


I too honeymooned at WDW, still deciding wheather to go to WDW next year for our anniversary or Atlantis.

Sorry to get off track; to answer your question, I’d say Poly. Having monorail access would be a plus in my book; especially if you have your kids with you. The pool is awesome, you’re kids will love it; you can see the castle from the beach at the Poly, good Restaurants and beautiful grounds.




My DH is pretty set on Poly, maybe I should just take it and not complain. This will probably be the ONLY time he will offer a deluxe. He really wanted GF but I just don’t get a warm and fuzzy from that resort for some reason. I love all the opinions so keep them coming.