Which would you choose, SSR or BWV?


Right now I have my son booked into 1 bedroom at SSR for his honeymoon. 141 points. If I could get him into a standard 1 bedroom at BWV it would be 121 points. SSR is newer, BWV is close to 2 parks. SSR would have been fine IF the clubs at PI were still open. But at this point, should I try to save some points? The reason for trying to save points is DD would like to have a studio for a few days in Sept of 09. We are also planning a family trip (2 bdr) in Dec 09. At this point, if we ( meaning my and DH) wanted to take anymore trips later that yr we would have to borrow. I’d rather borrow as little as possible, skip a yr and then have lots of points to work with.


If I had a choice for my honeymoon I would choose BWV hands down. SSR is nice but BWV trumps it BY FAR, especially with the romance of a honeymoon on the trip. You have lots of evening time activities on the Boardwalk there; Jellyrolls, ESPN Zone, having a specialty brew on the outside area of Big River Grille, etc. It’s a beautiful little waterway at night, you can see the EPCOT fireworks over the trees & it’s just a beautiful resort in itself. Nothing beats being able to walk to EPCOT & the Studios.


We are BWV fans! So much so tha twe just bought there. We lvoe the location, the atmosphere, that lobby!!!, the pool, and every little thing about it!


A honeymoon trip? No kids?

Epcot resort area!!!

Even with kids, this is a prime location:

Walking distance to 2 parks.

The Boardwalk.

Plenty of dining options.

BWV hands down… :laugh:


I have never stayed at SSR but I loved BWV. Lots of things to do at night right on the oroperty. And sitting on the back porch in the evening at BW is romatnic.


I didn’t even think of these things. Good point.


While both resorts are nice, BWV has a great location that moves it above SSR for us. I would book BWV over SSR every time so we are close to 2 parks.


I echo what everyone else - my choice would be BWV. Maybe I am partially since we had our wedding there! lol


For a honeymoon - Boardwalk Villa. But it really comes down to how you want to use your points.


I would choose: BWV!!!


Wow! Didn’t realize we had so many people thrilled with BW. It always seemed like people only talked about BC.

So I talked to my son and asked if it would be ok to reduce the waitlist from any 1 bedroom at BCV or BWV to just a standard room at BWV? My son, the one who unplugged my freezer to charge his cell phone, said “sure, you’re paying for it” Who was that and what happen to my kid??? I guess home ownership has changed him. Maybe he should have bought a few yrs ago. What’s even more amazing, he thought I was asking if a studio was ok. He didn’t understand the difference between standard and preferred at BWV. So I changed the waitlist. It’s going to be either a 1 bedroom standard BWV or SSR.

Thanks for all the help.


Another vote for BWV. I’ve never stayed there only toured it but it loved it.


SSR because I like the access to DTD


[QUOTE=jo-jo;867455]Wow! Didn’t realize we had so many people thrilled with BW. It always seemed like people only talked about BC.

I am partial to the BCV, but the real key is the Epcot resort location. Any of the 4 hotels would be great.


I didn’t realize this was for his honeymoon…DUH dana…BWV then.


We really loved SSR, it’s quiet and nicely themed also within walking distance to DTD. But we really fell in love with BWV when we were there last March, in fact, we’re booked for BWV again for March '09!


Boardwalk Villas hands down! Especially for a honeymoon, with the Boardwalk entertainment district(Atlantic dance Hall and Jellyrolls are great choices for newlyweds IMHO) right there. When you count the proximity to 2 parks,while SSR is quite nice, I would choose the Boardwalk without hesitation.