Which would you choose


Ok for our January trip we have choosen to eat at Hoop Dee Doo, Le Cellier, Biergaten, Boma, Chef Mickeys and for the last choice… which would you choose

Crystal Palace
Liberty Tree Inn
Cap’n Jacks


Any other Suggestions?


Definately Liberty Tree. :happy:


I wasn’t that excited about Spoodles. But if you don’t feel like you’re going to over-buffet, the menu at Crystal Palace looks yummy!

And a lot of people really like LTT! For me, the dinner foods just don’t have that much appeal. Lunch looks pretty good, though.


I’m putting my vote in for LTT!! :heart:


Crystal Palace. I love it there.


Crystal Palace is the only place we go to EVERY trip!! The buffet is great and has something for everyone. The characters are Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and Piglet! :wub: The characters spend a good deal of time with the customers there. It really has a great Disney Magic feel to it. LTT is not my favorite - it’s like eating Thanksgiving dinner - which is my least favorite holiday food-wise! :tongue: A lot of people really enjoy it, though. I always say it’s good to try everything once! Have FUN!!! :heart:


I would choose 50’s Prime Time cafe which you didn’t list. The pot roast is to die for!!! On your list though I would choose Cap N Jacks


go to tony’s resturant in main street has wonderfull pasta.


Liberty Tree 1st, Crystal Palace 2nd, Cap’n Jacks 3rd, then Spoodles!!! Joe
I can’t pick just 1.


Liberty Tree Tavern is my choice from your list!


Of those, I’d have to go with LTT.


Hmmm…I think…LTT:)


Crystal Palace. The riff raff hang out at the tavern…


Grrrrrrrrrr :pirate:


Another Riff Raff vote for LTT!!


Crystal Palace takes my vote!


Crystal Palace.
We ate at Spoodles in October. I think I liked Flying Fish better. In the case of Spoodles, I’d check their menu at AllEatsNet.com. This is not your standard menu, so be sure they have what you want. As an alternative at The Boardwalk is also Big River Grille. Liberty Tree doesn’t interest me that much and I haven’t really considered Cap’t Jack’s other than in passing, mostly because Fulton’s trumps everything for us at DTD.


Crystal Palace–no doubt!


I’d vote for Crystal Palace.

What’s the score now?


Apparently its Crystal Palace - Gazillion
Riff raff- oh I dunno 5 :dry: