Which would you do?


ok, here is the situation…DH gave in, and said we can plan a trip. we are going to keep it a surprise from the girls until NEXT Christmas - and go in 2009. I of course, want to go asap. but, DH really doesn’t want to pull DD out of school (she’ll be in 2nd grade) - i’m ok with it, school gives us a bit of a hard time, but overall, it’s ok (we did it the last 2 years in fall).

so, here are the choices, help me decide which avenue to look more closely at, please!


Wow, I really don’t know. First week in January is nice because the heat is not there which may limit some of the rides you may want to ride like Kali river and Splash Mtn. But June is nice because you have some heat(which is nice for swimming) but not to awfully hot and I think managable. I would say Jan. or June. For me June because we love swimming so much. Jan. would be a bit cold for us. I say that if I were taking a week I would do June. If it were a long weekend, I would go with January.


What about the 2nd week or so of November after the Christmas stuff goes up? Around the 11th or so…MVMCP has started I think and the Osbourne lights are up and the parks are decorated. It’s cooler, but not cold and it wouldn’t be so crowded plus you get to start your holiday season at WDW!


i wish we could go at Christmas, but DH is in school, and it’s too close to finals for him. plus, that would put me at the end of 2009, and i just don’t want to wait that long! november/december won’t work for us, this time. he graduates either december 2009, or may 2010 and i hope to do a christmas time trip after that - somehow.


I say first week on June so that you can enjoy all the warm weather activities. PLus, you won’t have to worry about pulling kids out of school and it would be something to look forward to. My second choice would be spring break because it is a nice break.


ok, so if we do june, we can leave on the friday after memorial day (she gets out on thursday) - and then stay for 10 or 11 days. maybe we can do park hoppers this time (haven’t done it before) and/or waterparks - spread our days out a bit, and have a more relaxed pace (as in not park commandos). except, that the crowds may be higher than we are used to, so we would have to plan more (aw, shucks, planning…lol) and use fastpasses well.

decisions, decisions. i am leaning towards this, as i can convince DH to stay longer this way…muwhahahaha!!!


LOL!!I guess I didn’t finish my thought! I MEANT to say that spring break is a nice break from winter! We took the kids at spring break a couple years ago and it was so nice to know that we were headed to Florida at the tail end of winter and we came back and the temps were tolerable. It really gave us something to look forward to and winter didn’t seem so endless that year.


We’ve done the end of May/1st week in June several times and it really isn’t terribly crowded yet. The whole country isn’t out of school yet, the weather is warm enough to do waterparks and pools and you can stay 10-11 DAYS without the worries of school. That’s the same time period we’re going again in May/June '08.


I think June sounds like a good idea. It’s before the REAL heat starts to set in and you may still beat a lot of the crowds before all schools are out for the summer. I’ve been in early February before and the weather and crowds were PERFECT!!!


There young yet pull them out. Make it a Furris Bhuller day off.:biggrin:


This is a hard decision. Jan would not be too bad pulling out of school but it can be kinda cold. Spring break that year might not be too bad because Easter is in April and that is when a lot of schools take their break. I was leaning toward June and after I read your comment about a longer trip I think that one for sure!


I would also go in June. We had always gone every November and in November 2006 we pulled DD out who was then in 1st grade. The teacher was fine with her missing school but sent along a mountain of work - and both my DH and I felt awful that every day on vacation she was sitting down to do a bit before we left for the parks. It was too much to do on the plane or before/after the trip so she needed to do it while we were there - mind you, DD didnt complain one bit but we said that was it - from now on we will go on vacations - fast forward to this year, her break is in March right on Easter so we will go from enjoying the November low season (prior to Thanksgiving) right into high season!!


i am leaning more towards june, even though it means i am now a year and a half away, instead of just a year.

i would rather stay longer, and i think we can do that in june more than in january. it gives me more time to save, so we can do more fun things or eat at more places we really want to eat at (or consider the DDP), and no worries about school.

looking at the calendar, we could leave on 05/29, and stay until 06/07, and then i could try to convince DH to extend it and stay a couple days longer.

my biggest concern with june now is that it is VBS season, and being the childrens ministry director, i am super busy with VBS in may/june. even if i move VBS to july, the month before is pretty hectic. Guess that makes me have to delegate (my weakness) more! maybe that’s a good thing after all?!


I don’t hesitate to pull kids out of school for a trip (they are 11, 9 and 5). I would not go first week of January, too cold, and spring break and June are BUSY!! So, I would look at another date, maybe early Feb?

I have never had a problem taking the kids out, though as my oldest hits middle school it might be tougher, but most teachers are happy to provide some catch up after the fact and if they are only 2nd grade, what will they miss?? They could learn alot at EPCOT!!


We went the first week of June in 2002 and the crowds were not bad at all. MK was the most crowded of course, but other than that a piece of cake. The weather was perfect, warm to hot, but the humidity wasn’t bad at all, and we got very little rain.


I voted for another time, pulling DD out of school.

When my own DD was young, we would pull her out every year. One year (during her 5th grade year) we went for two full weeks. The teacher wasn’t really pleased that we were going to do that but realized that she was a good enough student to carry her own still and manage to get straight A’s. I’ve been fortunate to have a child that can do that.

During DD’s younger years, we NEVER went during regular or peak times; only during the slow seasons and had a much more enjoyable time. We were very spoiled. It wasn’t until the last few years (Junior High & High School) that SHE won’t allow us to take her out of school because at her school if they have perfect attendance and a grade level of a B or higher, they don’t take finals. That is motivation enough to stay in school!!! We’ve been during Spring Break the last 2 times we’ve gone and if we hadn’t been a few times before, I wouldn’t have liked it at all. I felt it was too crowded and the weather is really iffy…cold one day, hot the next.

Whatever your decision, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!!


I voted 1st week of Jan. b/c you seem as if you are leaning on pulling her out of school anyway so you might as well save money and have the lowest crowds possible!



I voted June…this sounds like a PERFECT plan!!!


We always go about Jan or Feb and the weather is GREAT!! SO that’s what I voted for, granted your dd does well in school.


I vote for going in June and staying longer!!!