While helping


My daughter study for her biology exam, I noticed a familiar shape…:huh: it was a Mickey head! :happy: I happily pointed it out, while. MY 15 year old daughter told me to please concentrate…:glare:

Of course my ten year old backed me up saying that’s a lot cooler than studying for an exam :laugh:


Lol! Some get it … some don’t.
I threw my ponytail holder on the counter and it twisted perfectly to a hidden mickey. I grinned…DD rolled her eyes. Hehehe!


Too cute! I’m totally impressed with your daughter staying so focused on her studies, cause Lord knows Mickey can be a huge distraction. I kind of went “awwwww” when you said you were helping her with her studies. Neither of my ds’s would ever allow me to do that. Maybe it’s a girl vs. guy thing.


It could be… We are all attatched to one another too much but it’s a great thing cause she can talk to me about anything without me blowing up which lord knows I almost swallowed my tongue many a times… :pinch: