Whimsical Giraffe pin still MIA


I am still hoping to buy/trade for the Whimsical Giraffe pin from an Animal Kingdom event a few years ago… the Whimsical set includes a rhino, a lion, an elephant, and a giraffe… They look kind of cartoonish, and the back says Whimsical…

The giraffe is still eluding us! If anyone has one for trade or purchase, PM me!

LOOK AT THE NEXT POST for a pic… Gracias amigos!


I will try to post a pic of the Whimsical set! Fingers crossed…


Awww, those are adorable. I wish I could help.

I am thankful I do not have this pin trading disease. hehe

GOOD LUCK on your hunt! I am assuming you keep your eye on eBay?


For some reason I thought you finally got the giraffe a while back? Maybe that was someone else or it fell through?


I’m sorry, I don’t have any help to offer.

But you’ve been looking for that one forever now!! I remember you trying to find it months ago!


Yeah, I found one of them, which I gave to my daughter! She has a complete set… Which means that her poor ol’ mom – MissDisney-- has just the three other animals! So now that I found the giraffe for her set, I need one for moi! LOL