Whispering canyon- 2 questions


2 questions- What is your opinion of lunch there and can you eat without being part of the floor show? Thank you.


First question I can’t answer because we had breakfast there, and second question, no - there is no safe corner of the restaurant. I suppose you could ask your waiter/waitress for discretion but I’m not so sure I’d depend on it because many of them interact with many different tables that they may not necessarily be serving food at.


We have only been to Whispering Canyon Cafe for breakfast and dinner. Both were good but I liked breakfast better. I think if you go you take the chance that a server will tease you. When we were there our server for dinner really didn’t say much to us the entire meal. I think he yelled that my MIL finished her meal and that’s about it. Breakfast was funny and more lively, everyone was having fun that day. I didn’t feel like our server did much to us then either, I think it depends on how much you tease back. I think they are pretty good at reading people and moods and adjust from there. We were tired from driving the entire day before and we really wanted to hit the parks so we were there to eat and they let us.


Thanks for the info. I was thinking it would be nice to go to MK in the morning, take the boat over, have lunch, take a break looking around, and then either go back to MK or another park.


I love both breakfast and a late lunch there . for the late lunch and breakfast we get the all you can eat skillet I love the BBQ its one of my favorites to eat at


This is exactly what we did and it was a great break in the middle of the day. As well, lunch is a bit less expensive, especially if you do the all you can eat skillet. You get the same food just pay less.
I think that the servers are pretty good at reading their audience. If you are polite but not super into it they will back off a bit. As well, lunch is a much tamer event there than dinner is. So, if you aren’t into all of the shenanigans, go for lunch!


That sounds liek a great plan. WL is so beautiful, it’s worth the trip over.


The all you can eat skillet sounds like a great deal. I’m glad to hear that lunch is calmer, I had asked about prime time cafe and was told there’s no way to get away from the “show”. We have never been to the wilderness lodge, I showed pictures to my DH, he said “when we have more money than we know what to do with, we’ll stay there”. I guess lunch there will have to be good enough.


Everyone has their own story of one bad experience at WDW and Whispering Canyon is ours. We had dinner and not only did we think that the food was awful ( my husband renamed it Cholesteral Canyon), we had the rudest server at WDW. His interaction with us consisted of yelling at my daughter (not in a fun way), when she asked if there were any different choices, other than those skillets and then slamming one down dishes so hard on the table that both my husband and daughter were splashed with barbeque sauce. He must have been getting some HUGE tip from the table next to us, because he literally fawned over them, while completely ignoring us, only begrudgingly giving us the least amount of service he could. (I hope they tipped him well, cause he sure didn’t get anything from us :angry: ) We reported him to the manager who was great. He refunded the price of our meal, and had the laundry clean my husband’s and daughter’s shirts. So - Whispering Canyon is not a place I could recommend to anyone.


The first time we went to WC we were seated over in the corner by the fireplace, away from the main dining room. We were looking for some fun interaction and really felt like we were out of the loop. Had I not known some of the secrets, I wouldn’t have known to have my youngest DS ask for ketchup. After that happened, we got the waitress to turn it up a notch.

BTW, this is another place where you really have to be in the mood. The last time we went, it was after a long day in the parks and I had a headache from all the sun. It was NOT a pleasant place to be.